Certified Facilitators

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TimeSlips Certified Facilitators

Elaine Maly: Milwaukee, WI Elaine is our TimeSlips Vice President of Development and Operations. She says, "I am a nonprofit leader, writer, and storyteller who loves using TimeSlips to bring joy to people with memory loss." You can check out her website at storiesfrommybreezeway.com or email her at elaine@timeslips.org.

Anya Blakeley: Silver Spring, MD 
 Anya is an expressive arts practitioner and professional life coach in private practice. Uses art making, writing, photography and storytelling to connect people more deeply with themselves and others. She is available to facilitate TimeSlips in elder facilities. See Anya's website, www.fullmoonrisingtide.net, and you can email her atanyacreate@yahoo.com.

Ashley Kirksey: Portage, MI
 Ashley is a Certified Facilitator in the TimeSlips method, based at Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan AKA Adult Day Services at Oakland Centre.

Amina Weiland: Hartford, CT
Amina uses TimeSlips to enrich the lives of people with dementia in a long-term facility, with day center clients and members of assisted-living facility, as well as sharing creativity with people in the community. She sees TimeSlips as a way to share incredible stories filled with joy, love and integrity, and to use those stories to bring people together all over the world.  Her email address is aminabweiland@gmail.com.

Karen Thomas: Akron, OH
 Karen uses TimeSlips to lead small group improvisational storytelling groups in assisted living and memory care communities because group members engage easily with the pictures, take interest in others’ ideas and enjoy sharing their imaginative ideas and feelings in poetic language and song.You can contact Karen at kthomas100@gmail.com.

Iris Dall'Aglio: Cremona, Italy
 Iris is a Certified Facilitator in three nursing home units that serve people with dementia in Cremona, Italy. She is an educator and dance therapist, working with children, adults, people with disabilities and the elderly. She uses dance, movement, words, images and storytelling to express, in a creative way, their relationships, emotions and their interior world. See Iris's work at http://www.gestindanza.it/timeslips.html.

Luca Carli Ballola: Florence, Italy

Charlie Farrell: Cleveland, OH 
Charles is the CEO of the Carolyn L Farrell Foundation For Brain Heath They use TimeSlips as a part of their Art Care program to enrich the lives of those touched by Dementia and Mental Illness. Their services are provided free to the community, and targeted primarily toward persons living at home and not institutionalized.You can find out more at www.farrellfoundation.com.

Gretty Myers: Cleveland, OH
Gretty works through the Farrell Foundation, using TimeSlips to empower those affected by dementia and mental illness through art care and community outreach. This program, provided free of charge, creates a supportive community which helps people live lives of meaning and purpose, helping to end the stigma against people with brain diseases. Contact Gretty at grettymyers@sbcglobal.net and find out more at www.farrellfoundation.com.

Ross Tarr: St. Petersberg FL 
Ross is a storyteller and Certified Facilitator (and professional Santa Claus) with professional training and experience in Gerontology and Long Term Care Administration. He served as an administrator and taught health care administration at the university level. Find out more about Ross at www.rosstarr.com/.

Tony Gresham: Kenosha, WI 
Tony is a Certified Facilitator at Parkside Manor in Kenosha, part of CRL Senior Living Communities, a TimeSlips Certified Organization. He says,"Our community is friends with an Australian couple on Facebook. We downloaded their photos, and surprised them with a wedding gift of love stories we’d written for them." You can contact Tony at gresham.tony@yahoo.com.

Pia Karlsson: Skane and surrounding areas, Sweden

Anna Koslowska: Rosemont, PA

Tiffany Smith: Montpelier, VT
Tiffany uses TimeSlips to create an opportunity for communication and expression for individuals who need it. To laugh, to think and to enjoy time with others. She provides both individual and group TimeSlips sessions. Join the journey of TimeSlips and celebrate creativity and communication! You can contact her at tiffanysmithgallery@gmail.com.

Pam Houx-Gilligan: the Charleston and Georgetown areas of SC
Pam works part-time as a creative Program Coordinator for Respite Care Charleston in South Carolina. She integrates the highly successful TimeSlips storytelling method in program sessions with her seniors, as it always produces wonderful social interaction, laughter and the accomplishment of creating and working together.  She can also be seen expanding the TimeSlips concept with senior communities and hospices within the Charleston area with her “Stories with Pam” storytelling business.  Find out more at storieswithpam.com  or contact her at pamgilligan@homesc.com

Braydon Connell: Halifax, Nova Scotia Braydon facilitates a TimeSlips program at a long-term care facility as a volunteer. It is his passion to bring joy and creative thinking to the residents in every session they have together. You can contact Braydon at Braydon.connell@gmail.com.

Paul Hurst: Sydney, Australia 
 Paul works in the Carinya Dementia Unit at St Josephs Hospital and the geriatric rehabilitation ward at Calvary Hospital in Sydney Australia. As a Pastoral Carer, counselor and now TimeSlips facilitator, he works with the elderly and people with dementia and uses TimeSlips to bring out the joy of creativity in the residents and patients, and to foster social interaction, imagination and laughter (especially laughter). You can contact Paul at thesevas@gmail.com.

Jenny Cowell: Tucson, AZ and Bandon, OR 
Jenny is a career educator – first in a classroom for Emotionally Disabled teens, and later as a junior high librarian. She uses Timeslips in small group classrooms, individual private home settings, adult day-programs, and long-term care communities. No matter where the stories grow, she sees the fear of inability to remember transform into the joy of Ability to create and connect. Find out more about Jenny's work at www.alzheimersstorytelling.com, and contact her at cowlpwrs@cox.net.

Sandra Hunter: Ashland, OR

Brittany Swanson
Seward, AK  Brittany Swanson is the Social Worker at Providence Seward Medical and Care Center in Seward, Alaska. She uses TimeSlips to provide meaningful and engaging activity to Elders in the nursing home and community. Seward Mountain Haven is part of a nationwide Green House movement. Their philosophy is Heart.Health.Home. She says, "Our Elders experience a better quality of life and improved health. They find more active participation by family members and better connections with direct care staff. Their lives-and hearts-are full."You can contact Brittany at Brittany.Swanson@providence.org.

Marina Renton: Andover, MA
  Marina is currently a senior at Andover High School who has volunteered with memory-impaired residents since February 2012. Marina will begin her undergraduate studies at Brown University in September 2013 and plans on studying Modern Culture and Media and creative entrepreneurship.

Sharon Lazerson: Lenox, MA 
Sharon facilitates TimeSlips in the Life Enrichment Program at Kimball Farms, a Life Care Community in Lenox, MA. She says,"People with dementia have a blast creating original, sometimes hilarious, sometimes very moving stories together. Staff, visitors, and innocent bystanders all join in."

Sherri Ellerbe: Washington, DC Metropolitan Area 
Sherri uses TimeSlips to augment her ministry and vocation in the literary arts. She says, "To LOVE one another is to LISTEN to the stories of your neighbors. Storytelling brings out the imago Dei hidden in every human being." You can contact Sherri at saellerbe@gmail.com

Lisa Hort: Port Macquarie, Australia 
 Lisa has a Diploma of Fine Arts and is Co-coordinator and the facilitator of the “Access for All” Alzheimer’s Art Guiding program, is also a Public Programs Assistant at the Glasshouse Regional Gallery Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia. She brings TimeSlips to local age care facilities where she hopes to enrich the lives and teach others the value of creative interaction with members of the community living with memory loss. You can contact Lisa at lisabluey@gmail.com

Joan Fopma-Loy: Oxford, Hamilton, and the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area Joan says, "Through incorporating TimeSlips into nursing and elective courses I am socializing students to a different way of viewing memory loss and practicing gerontological nursing, a way that embraces and nurtures creativity of the nurse/gerontologist as well as the elder. I am consistently humbled by the lessons I learn from the elders with dementia that I have the privilege of knowing, and experience tremendous joy and satisfaction from knowing that we make a difference every time we facilitate a TimeSlips session." You can contact Joan at fopmalj@miamioh.edu

Emma McCune: El Cerrito, CA  
Emma uses the creative storytelling of Timeslips to enhance the lives of those suffering from dementia by focusing on what they can create rather than what they can not remember. Her goal is to make everyone feel valued as a human being and enjoy the process of crafting original story art. You can contact Emma at Mccune.emma@gmail.com

Peter Vanderpool: Cleveland, TN 
Pete uses TimeSlips to illustrate the power of creative storytelling for dementia patients and others like school children and exploited women. He says, "Our work began in a dedicated dementia setting with roughly twenty people for an eleven week period. Since then we have discovered opportunities in many new arenas of life." You can explore his website at www.creativestoryproject.com and email him at pete@creativestoryproject.com.

Joyce Vanderpool: Cleveland, TN and surrounding area including Chattanooga Joyce says, "Through our non-profit corporation, Creative Story Project, we use TimeSlips among other storytelling methods to unlock the powerof story, painting a picture of the relevance of the stories of individuals' lives." You can contact Joyce at joyce@creativestoryproject.com or check out their website, www.creativestoryproject.com.

Joan Hock: Cincinnati, OH

Maren Levad: St. Paul, MN area Maren uses TimeSlips to bring the Minnesota Historical Society's collections and sites to lifelong learners and creators at memory care facilities.
TimeSlips is a part of the Minnesota Historical Society’s mission to use the power of history to transform lives by connecting, sharing and preserving. You can find out more at www.mnhs.org.

Sarah Freimuth: Milwaukee, WI Sarah says, "I am currently a graduate student at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee for a Masters in Social Work and Gerontology. TimeSlips confirmed my desire to go into the field and work with individuals who have dementia during my undergraduate studies at University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. I have facilitated TimeSlips at Appleton Health Care Center in Appleton; Evergreen Retirement Community in Oshkosh; and St. Ann's Salvatorian Campus in Milwaukee, WI." You can contact her at freims25@gmail.com.

Lisa Savarese: La Crosse, WI Lisa is currently an instructor at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse where she teaches therapeutic recreation. She has taught a gerontology course sporadically where she talks about TimeSlips, how she's used it in the field (Winona, Minnesota) and how they could potentially become certified as well. You can contact her at lsavarese@uwlax.edu.

Zoe Sagalow: Germantown, MD Zoe is a student at the University of Maryland, College Park (Class of 2016), working toward a dual-degree in Broadcast Journalism and Marketing. As a journalist and as a TimeSlips facilitator, she spends her days asking questions, putting stories together, and sharing stories! Find our more at https://zoesagalow.wordpress.com/ or contact her at thesagaofzoe@gmail.com.

Rodd Szmania, CTRS: Mukwonago, WI Rodd uses TimeSlips to try to get people to come out of their shells. Take some chances. Make new friends. Have a good time throwing caution to the wind and come together to get creative by building a story together. You can contact Rodd at Rodd.Samania@phci.org or rodd1234@att.net.

Erin Petersen: Gibsons, BC, Canada Erin uses TimeSlips to engage creatively with people with dementia. She takes a fun and goofy approach, in groups as small as 2 and as large as 10. You can contact Erin at erinpete@uvic.ca

Mary Ebel: Milwaukee, WI Mary is the Art Facilitator at Abundant Life Manor, a facility for elderly residents who would otherwise be homeless or institutionalized. Mary offers an open art studio, as well as group art activities, for people with all levels of abilities. She uses TimeSlips to offer a creative, engaging and safe place for people to have fun and to discover their creative potential.  

Ryan Harrison: LaVerne, CA Ryan says, "As a Wellness Director at a retirement community, TimeSlips has given me an incredible tool that I can use to build relationships, engage memory-challenged residents, promote well-being, and have fun in a group setting. Using the TimeSlips program has literally become the highlight of my day. You can contact Ryan at RHarrison@LivingAtHillcrest.org.

Loida Arriaga: LaVerne, CA Loida says, "Here at Hillcrest we have developed a great relationship with our Alzheimers residents and TimeSlips has helped care staff relationships and with independent residents at Hillcrest. TimeSlips at Southwoods in Hillcrest has become a favorite of everyone around, including me!" You can find out more about Hillcrest at www.livingathillcrest.org.

Dori Groff: Lititz, PA Dori uses TimeSlips to engage small groups in a skilled nursing household. She feels that TimeSlips is a wonderful way to engage Alzheimer’s residents in a meaningful social group. The creativity, laughter, and interactions between the participants are priceless!

Brandi Schneider: Springdale, AR and surrouning areas Brandi practices TimeSlips at The Schmieding Center, which provides caregiver and community education to older adults, their family members, and professional caregivers, including training for professional and personal caregivers, social work services, and community educational events. You can find out more at www.schmiedingcenter.org.

Tracy Antill: Perth, Western Australia Tracy says, "The favorite part of my working week is when I facilitate a TimeSlips storytelling group. We have created quite a collection of amazing stories now – some hilariously funny, some poignant and sad, some reflective, and some just plain wacky – but all completely original – no one has ever told the stories our residents have!" You can find Tracy at tracyantill@westnet.com.au.

Ann Milligan: Vancouver, BC, Canada Ann uses TimeSlips to tell stories with people in the early stages of Alzheimer's as a special social activity for 'The Minds in Motion' program, through the Alzheimer Society. You can contact Ann at annaspinall@yahoo.com.au.

Kelly Keller: Omaha, NE

Elizabeth Matthiessen: Old Saybrook, CT

Leone Wagner: Lititz, PA Leone is the activity coordinator for a busy adult day service; she plans activities and programs that make “good” days that are based on the current interests of their clients. You can contact Leone at lwagner@landishomes.org.

Brenda Jacobsen: New Canaan, CT Brenda's position as a Therapeutic Recreation Leader allows her a lot of opportunity to be creative with others and build on her skills as an artist and musician. Find out more at www.waveny.org or bjacobsen@waveny.org. To see her artwork and add color to your day please visit www.brendajacobsen.com.

Mindy Creson: Walnut Creek, CA

Kirsten Jacobs:  Portland, OR  Kirsten has worked formally in the field of aging services for over thirteen years. Currently she is a member of the education and leadership development team at LeadingAge, a national aging services organization. Kirsten volunteers at several long term care facilities in the Portland area.

Patricia Kusnick: Merrick, NY Pat is a volunteer at a social daycare center for older adults and also hopes to be storytelling with seniors at a senior center.  She encourages clients to contribute their ideas and memories that will bring them closer to those around them.  You can contact her at pakusnick@yahoo.com.

Elizabeth "Beth" Strait: Grand Rapids, MI Beth is a Recreation Therapist and the Director of the Life Enrichment and Volunteer Program for Yorkshire and Stonebridge Manor Assisted Living. They provide care and quality of life programming for people at many different stages in the aging process including for those who have dementia. You can contact her at ys.activities@baruchsls.org.

Carolyn Cox: Macomb, IL and surrounding areas Carolyn is a social worker who will soon have a Master’s Degree in May 2014. Her primary focus in social work is gerontology and she usesTimeSlips at the Adult Day Services program where she currently works and at nearby long-term care centers. You can contact her at cj1173@yahoo.com.

Kathy Long: Cincinnati, OH Kathy says, "I stumbled into a career in activities quite by accident and fell in love with my job. Having worked in all aspects of Senior Living, memory support is where I have truly found my niche. I feel fulfilled here, and at night I go home with the satisfaction of knowing I have made a difference." You can contact her at Kathy.Long@rec.org.

Leonie Pearce: Yorkshire, UK Leonie says,"TimeSlips is a box of delights to discover and share. For me it’s great in combination with art, creative writing and elements of performance – fresh, wonderful and surprising." You can contact her at leonie.e.pearce@btinternet.com.  To find out more about her work with the Skipton OWN NOW group, please visit www.pioneerprojects.org.uk.

John Barrett: St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas John is a freelance TimeSlips Facilitator in the St. Louis area who hopes to use TimeSlips to bring creative engagement to people in both facility and community settings. He is able to travel almost anywhere in the state to bring TimeSlips to your organization. He can be reached at johnbarrett1949@gmail.com or jbsd2014@gmail.com.

John McFadden: Appleton, WI John has been practicing TimeSlips for several years, leading groups at Appleton Health Care Center and in Memory Cafes. More recently he lead the initiative of the Fox Valley Memory Project to bring TimeSlips into ten area long-term care facilities. Find out more at www.foxvalleymemoryproject.org or agingtogether.blogspot.com/. You can contact John at John.t.mcfadden@gmail.com

Jennifer Thompson: Oshkosh, WI Jen is a Certified Facilitator at The Waterford at Oshkosh. She says, "I have a great passion for everyone to understand that those with dementia can still do things and create. I am excited to continue to use storytelling as a method to interact with residents and their loved ones." Check out the website at www.waterfordatoshkosh.com or contact her at jlthompson36@gmail.com.

Julie Burghardt: Springfield, OH Julie is the Manager of LifeEnrichment for healthcare, the Center for Alzheimer’s Care, and the Assisted Living certified for dementiacare at Springfield Masonic. Her passion in her professional life is to help others understand dementia and how important it is to engage residents with dementia in purposeful activities.

Valeria Caflish: Fribourg, Switzerland Valeria says that while working with Timeslips she likes to think, "You are the thought and I’m the writing hand!" She uses TimeSlips to expand her experiences as teaching artist working not only with young students, but also with elder generations. Find out more about her at www.valeriacaflisch.net

Brylyn Stacy: Berkeley, CA Brylyn is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in psychology and she has been working with elders diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease for more than two years. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in social work with an emphasis in community mental health. You can contact Brylyn  and find out more through her LinkedIn page: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/brylyn-stacy/46/64b/244

Gay Wellman: Valdez and the Copper River Basin area of Alaska Gay says that TimeSlips helps her in her work as the Education Specialist for the Alzheimer's Resource Agency, where she visits both the Native and non-Native communities in the Copper Basin and Valdez. She works out of her home in Kenny Lake with her husband, a dog, two cats and three fish, in one of the most beautiful parts of Alaska that you can reach by road. You can contact her at gwellman@alzalaska.org.

Janet Gibson: Sydney, NSW, Australia Janet says, "My mother’s Alzheimer’s disease opened up new vistas for me in ways of seeing and perceiving dementia, and as difficult as it was, I am also grateful for the many loving and creative spaces we shared before she died. Her dementia also initiated a  change of direction in my PhD, which is now on dementia and performance. I am also an actor, part-time educational program manager, and facilitator of TimeSlips sessions at Locke Haven, Petersham, Sydney." You can contact her at jintyg@gmail.com.

Margaret Rose Edinburgh: Metropolitan Atlanta Area Margaret is a person of quiet, gentle strength. She has great compassion for the elderly, along with a vive for learning and sharing and nurturing others. This certification, paired with her recent graduation from the Magic City Clown School is sure to be an incredible pair of resources as she continues her journey into the area of gerontology. You can contact her at cobbstoriesmre@gmail.com or rose_marje@yahoo.com.

Iole Zilli: Florence, Italy Iole is a psychologist specializing in cognitive science. She has been working with elders diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease for more than 4 years, and feels that creative expression gives us the special opportunity to communicate and connect with each other on a very deep level, regardless of health and cognitive conditions. Find out more at www.iolez@hotmail.com.

Vicki Orlando: Bridgewater, NJ Vicki says, "As an educator, artist and volunteer, I deeply respect our elders, be they well or living with an illness, and am grateful for their teaching me how to recognize and honor the presence of Soul, the enduring Essence in each person. I trust we will be mutually teaching and learning from one another all of our days together."  You can contact her at HeartworksNJ@optonline.net.

Liz Shaw: Lancaster, UK

Carolyn Brandly: Vancouver and Victoria, BC As a recreation therapist who specializes in working with people with dementia, Carolyn is thrilled to add TimeSlips Certification to her toolbox. She says that it’s a fantastic way to connect with and celebrate the person who remains behind the disease. Find out more at www.newhopecentres.com or www.DementiaProducts.ca.

Laura White: Englewood, NJ

Cherie Harrington: New Jersey Cherie says, "Creative interventions and research and strengths based programs are the means with which I  have helped all those with whom I have worked and I believe that an inner creative soul and spirit exists in every human being. As a creative story telling and art facilitator it is both my job and my pleasure to see, nurture, coax and draw out this innate, inner creative ability so that every soul with whom I work will feel like a star." Find out more at http://seamedementiaart.com/, and you can contact Cherie at SeaMeArt@gmail.com.

Linda McKee: Santa Rosa, CA Linda says, "I am an Activity Coordinator who is always looking for effective and appropriate programs for life enrichment groups. Timeslips Storytelling is as rewarding for me as it is for my clients. It sure beats bingo!

Anja Danner: Perth, Australia Anja works in an aged care facility in Perth, Australia as a therapy assistant/activity coordinator and has discovered TimeSlips as a powerful method to unlock creative potential in people with dementia. She is trying to establish TimeSlips in her organization and create training workshops for other therapy assistants in the organization. You can contact her at anhenjan@gmail.com.

Angela Crimmings: Milwaukee, WI Angela is the LifeStreams Coordinator at Saint John’s On The Lake. St John's is Milwaukee’s premier Life Care retirement community, where an exciting lifestyle, a proud tradition and the perfect location come together to create a better view on life. Find out more at http://www.saintjohnsmilw.org/.

Beverly Spielberger: Westlake, OH Bev says, "I am a artist, muralist and an Activity Director for Life Care of Westlake.  I enjoy storytelling and TimeSlips gave me some valuable tools to empower others to enjoy storytelling too.  We are currently using TimeSlips with great success in both our memory support neighborhood  and our other neighborhoods." You can contact her at bsis1016@gmail.com.

Emily Bennett: Westlake, OH

Eve Wilhelmi: North Olmsted, OH

Adam Makofske: Englewood, NJ Adam is a board certified music therapist, performing musician, and guitar teacher. He works at the Lillian booth Actor’s home as Recreation Program Coordinator in assisted living. You can contact him at adammakofske@yahoo.com or amakofske@actorsfund.org.

John Allan: South Australia John uses TimeSlips in aging care facilities in rural & remote areas. He is a Certified Counsellor, Life Coach and Trainer, working for the Flinders & Outback Rural Primary Health Service of the South Australian Government. He also maintains a small private practice called Mindimage. Find our more at www.mindimage.com.au.

Juanita Beckinschtein: Melbourne, Australia Juanita is an Educator/Consultant with Alzheimer’s Australia VIC, delivering the Montessori Methodology for people living with dementia. A drama teacher, she uses TimeSlips as a tool to create narrative for her program Art Down Memory Lane. The program was recipient of the 2013 Better Practice National Award. You can contact her at buenos@optusnet.com.au.

Marnie Ammons: Perham, Minnesota Marnie uses TimeSlips to engage elders in creative conversations. She is a registered nurse whose passion is working with elders. She says, "TimeSlips has been such an enjoyable way to interact with persons with dementia."

Sarah Jane Lee: Warwickshire & Lancashire, UK Sarah says, "I am an actor and drama practitioner from the UK. I love sharing my creative streak with others. I hope to empower, inspire confidence and to see others reveal their creativity and sense of fun." Find out more about her wide-ranging work at www.dramaworkshops.info.

Jane Howell: Greensboro, NC Jane says, "I am the acting executive director at Woodland Place Assisted Living – hoping to have my license by the end of June. I have a passion for all seniors, but especially those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s." You can contact her at jane@woodlandplacecommunities.com.

Ailsa Lewer: Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK

Cindy Zahnd: Melbourne, IA

Alexandra Labelle: Ormstown, Quebec, Canada

Janette Kundrat: Medina, OH Janette is the Lead Facilitator at Western Reserve Masonic Community in Medina, Ohio. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and works as the Assisted Living and Memory Care Life Enrichment Coordinator. They use TimeSlips to create and recreate memories, allow the residents to just be in the moment, allow their imaginations to take flight and as a bi-monthly social gathering. You can contact her at jkundrat@ohiomasonichome.org.

Temple Crocker: Baltimore, MD Temple is a performer, director, deviser and teacher. For the past twenty years she has created original handcrafted performance works that unite elements of the auditory, visual and dramatic arts. Currently she is the director of the 5700 Collective, an experiment in the performing and domestic arts in Baltimore. You can contact her at templecrocker@gmail.com.

Eduardo Fuenmayor: Montreal, Canada Eduardo is a Venezuelan journalist (UCAB, 1999) and a PhD fellow in Communications Studies (Concordia University). Before moving to Canada, he worked as a Communications Officer for the United Nations in Venezuela (2005-2010). He is also the author of the book El Ausente que voy siendo. Historia de vida de Rafael Briceño (Fundación Empresas Polar, Caracas), the life story of a famous Venezuelan actor. You can contact him at efmontreal@gmail.com.

Tom Gill: Milwaukee, WI Tom founded Rhythm For Unity in 1998 and uses drums and percussion instruments to help create, cultivate and celebrate community.  Much of Tom¹s work is in the health care field, both for caretakers and people receiving that care, and he specializes in working with elderss affected by physical and cognitive challenges. You can contact him at tom@rhythmforunity.com.

Sarah Jacobus: Los Angeles, CA Sarah (MFA, LCSW) is a social worker at a Jewish Family Service senior center. She leads an ongoing women’s life storytelling group and is pleased to add TimeSlips to her toolkit to facilitate creative storytelling for elders with memory loss. Sarah is interested in opportunities to facilitate TimeSlips groups in community-based settings and congregant care facilities. You can contact her at sarahj@imaginethat.la.

Susan Kemper: Lawrence, KS Susan says, "I have been researching how aging and dementia affect language and communication for more than 30 years yet I have gained new insights by using Timeslips with many former research participants." You can contact her at skemper@ku.edu.

Karin Kohlman: Baraboo, WI Karin was a hospital socia worker for 13 years before becoming an at-home mom in Baraboo, Wisconsin. She volunteers in a memory unit and has been taking classes at UW Madison to become certified in Mental Health and the Elderly. She is currently working on a grant proposal to do her part in helping to change the stigma of dementia, shift the focus of care to what dementia residents CAN do, encourage intergenerational interaction and highlight the value of storytelling in her community. You can contact her at kohlmanfamily@mac.com.

Jack Matheson: St. Paul, MN Jack became very interested in theater and storytelling as vehicles for education, social change and community building while working with theater companies that performed in prisons, with and for the homeless community, and in elementary schools. He has been creating informal educational programming via video conferencing as a Program Associate in the Education Department at the Minnesota Historical Society since 2008. You can contact him at jack.matheson@mnhs.org.

Judy Matheson: Minneapolis, MN Judy says, "I’m still in awe of TimeSlips. How can a Program so obvious and simple be so effective in bringing out the laughter and joy of and among people with dementia!? Move over Bingo!" You can contact her at judymatheson@netscape.net.

Sherry McIntosh: Los Angeles, CA Sherry enjoys facilitating both group and individual TimeSlips storytelling sessions. TimeSlips is an important tool in her Expressive Arts and Movement work for older adults and those who live with Alzheimer's or Dementia. Sherry is also a certified California Massage Therapist with training in Compassionate Touch®.  Contact her at sherry@mybodyconnection.com.

Maggie Schaver: Springfield, IL Maggie says, "I have worked at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine's Center for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders for over 20 years, primarily in educational programming. After being inspired by many of the conference presenters that I have recruited, as well as others in this field, my interest now has turned to providing and encouraging non-pharmacologic interventions for persons with Alzheimer's disease." You can contact her at mschaver@siumed.edu.

Aynsley Moorhouse: Toronto, Canada Aynsley (MFA, MSW) is a Torontobased theatre and media artist who received her Master of Social Work in June 2014. She is passionate about working with older people, and her particular interest lies in how engaging with the arts can lead to personal growth and social change. You can contact her at aynsleymoorhouse@gmail.com.

Joanne Martin: Chatham, Ontario, Canada: Joanne has over 30 years’ experience in human resources, professional and career development in industry and higher education, and in personal growth and development as a counsellor, educator, trainer and facilitator. She now specializes in therapeutic and/or expressive writing and story-telling, offering a variety of fun, imaginative, and developmental workshops – both in person and online. You can contact her at joanne37@sympatico.ca.

Susan Miller: Albany and Eugene Oregon and surrounding areas Susan -'Curly Sue'- is a retired preschool teacher of 30 yrs., since then taking her joy of storytelling, drama & music to children. Recently she has turned her focus to seniors, becoming a Time Slips Facilitator in adult foster homes, assisted­living facilities and long-term memory care units. She enjoys engaging the residents in improvisational fun and singing songs from their era. She is available in her surrounding communities and willing to travel to outlying communities as well. You can contact her at sue.miller150@gmail.com.

Melissa Marconi: Huntington, NY Melissa says, "I am currently studying Social Work at Adelphi University which has given me the opportunity to work with many diverse groups.  In my last internship,  I had the pleasure of using TimeSlips with seniors living with dementia. Seeing the fulfillment on their faces as they created a story was an incredible experience. I am looking forward to continuing to facilitate TimeSlips with this population as well as many others." You can contact her at marconimelissa@yahoo.com.

Suzanne Hitchcock-Bryan: Winthrop, MA Suzanne is the producing artistic director for Persephone Theatre in Winthrop. She says, "I volunteer at Aviv Assisted Living Facility in Peabody, MA. I do a combination of theater and TimeSlips with the residents. We have been working on simple improvisation and Shakespeare--each resident gets a single Shakespearean line to recite aloud and we then discuss all the various meanings of those few words.  It is a great warmup before we dive into TimeSlips!" You can contact her at suzanne.hitchcockbryan@gmail.com.

Becky Hewis: Southern Ontario (Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton and surrounding area)  Becky says, "I am an art therapist who has a passion for working with those living with dementia. I use the TimeSlips program as another way to facilitate creative expression with those I work with." Find out more at beckyhewis@gmail.com and www.delicatetransitions.ca.

Natardia H. Lee Soy: New York, NY Natardia uses TimeSlips with various populations to foster our creative spirits. She is happy to bring TimeSlips to your site please contact her at nhls8420@gmail.com.

Kees Deenik: Rotterdam, The Netherlands Kees is a former GP and a theater maker. One of his aims is to bring TimeSlips to The Netherlands. He uses TimeSlips to understand that there is more story in dementia than you find on first sight. Imagination is the basis of TimeSlips. It leads to theatre where we can tell stories and understand our own world and the world of those we live with. You can contact him at cadeenik@upcmail.nl

Joan Adams: Fairbanks, AK Joan uses TimeSlips to work with individuals with memory loss and their families. She says, "I love working with the senior population. This is a very enjoyable activity." You can contact her at jadams@alzalaska.org.

Grace Ferri: Saugus MA Grace is a recent graduate of Austin Preparatory School who has volunteered with memory-impaired residents since 2010. She will begin her undergraduate studies at Boston University in September 2014 and plans to study Biochemistry and Molecular Biology on a premedical track. You can contact her at Grace.ferri@comcast.net.

Anne Luther: Milwaukee, WI Anne is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and currently works at Saint John’s on the Lake. She loves working with the residents and being able to provide wonderful opportunities for them to grow as individuals. You can contact her at aluther@saintjohnsmilw.org.

Paula Ammann: Davos and Zurich, Switzerland Paula works as an art educator at the Kirchner Museum in Davos and with their program "Aufgeweckte Kunstgeschichten" (Bright Art Stories). She says, "As I have taken care of my mother with dementia for ten years, I have learnt that Alzheimers also has a very creative side, which I try to explore with the participants. I would like to give support to relatives and caregivers and happy, joyful moments with their patients." You can contact her at ammann@compcare.ch.

Yvonne Kuendig: Zurich, SwitzerlandYvonne says, "I am running the TimeSlips program in a psychiatric clinic near Zurich, in the art museums in Zurich and Aarau as well as in other institutions. I enjoy being part of a creative group, discovering and examining artistic images together with people with dementia. I love the sometimes very lyrical and poetic word and sentence constructions of the group participants. Laughing together has its place just as much as thoughtful consideration." You can contact her at kuendig.yvonne@gmail.com.

Ermyn King: Washington, DC Metropolitan Area Ermyn served as Creative Arts Program Coordinator and is currently an ArtStream artist in residence at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. Her areas of expertise include: applied drama, puppetry, and storytelling; arts in education, health-related, and community contexts; and creating arts/cultural access inclusive of individuals with diverse disabilities. You can contact her at efk103@gmail.com.

Susan Shortridge: New South Wales, Australia Susan is currently a volunteer at Calvary Hospital in Sydney, Australia, where she facilitates a TimeSlips program at Mary Potter House, a day respite centre for people with dementia. She believes passionately in the power of creativity to connect and to inspire, and she is keen to see the TimeSlips program expanded throughout Australia. You can contact her on runsoftly123@gmail.com.

Hanna Pieper: Milwaukee, WI Hanna facilitates TimeSlips at St. John's on the Lake in Milwaukee. She says, "I enjoy working with the elderly who are living with dementia. Timeslips is a chance for them to express themselves in a safe and inviting environment, and for me to tap into skills that otherwise people might not see." Find out more at www.saintjohnsmilw.org/ and contact her at hpieper@saintjohnsmilw.org.

Debbie Chulick: Anchorage, AK Debbie says, "I live in Anchorage, AK, having moved here from Cleveland, OH. I work at Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska as an Education Specialist and am happy to be a Certified TimeSlips Facilitator.  I also enjoy reading, writing, painting, and gardening." Find out more at www.alzalaska.org, and contact Debbie at dchulick@alzalaska.org.

Sharon Celsor-Hughes: Charlottesville, VA Sharon is the creative arts director for the Alzheimer’s Association WWVA Chapter. She developed and directs Arts Fusion: The Power of Creativity in Dementia Care. Find out more at http://www.alz.org/cwva/in_my_community_58779.asp or contact her at sdchughes@gmail.com.

Wendy Mumford: White Rock, BC, Canada Wendy is a Recreation Therapist involved with bringing Creative Engagement to a Care Home with 400 residents living in  Supported Independent Living, Assisted Living and Long Term Care. Timeslips has proven to be a wonderfully simple way to meaningfully engage those with memory loss.  We have recently written and are producing a four part play which centres around Timeslips stories and includes acting, singing,dancing and a creative art component. She can be reached at w.mumford@evergreen-home.com.

Kimberly Jung: Anchorage, AK

Mariann Ganther: Zurich, Switzerland Mariann says "I have practiced the TimeSlips method over 18 months in a gerontopsychiatric ward. Since spring of 2014 I've been facilitating sessions at the Kunsthaus Zürich and at the Fondation Beyeler as part of the research project "Awakened Art Stories," which is being carried out by the Center of Gerontology at the University of Zürich. In 2015 I’ve been introducing Timeslips in a special-care home for people with dementia" You can contact her at m.ganther@bluewin.ch.

Suzy Flynn: Kogarah, Sydney, Australia Suzy is a Diversional Therapist at Calvary in Kogarah, working in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. She provides patients opportunities to participate in a variety of leisure and recreation activities, including TimeSlips. You can contact her at suzy.flynn@sesiahs.health.nsw.gov.au.

Ken Crossley: Spanish Fork, Utah

Lonnie Florek: St. Paul, MN

Wanda Spurlock: Baton Rouge, LA

Sammy Goodrich: Milwaukee, WI

Julie Sanders: Perham, MN Julie says, "I am the Household Coordinator (House Mom) for 16 residents at Perham Health, a long term care facility, responsible for their quality of life and making sure the household runs smoothly. My awesome staff make my job so easy. I do activities both in our household, and for the greater facility's activity time. Time slips has given me a new tool to use; residents at all stages respond so well. Time slips can change a bad day to a good day so quickly, it never stops amazing me." You can contact her at Julie.sanders@perhamhealth.org.

Marilyn Thelen: Fort Collins, CO and surrounding areas Marilyn says, "I feel most humbled when partnering with people with dementia in an effort to openly express themselves without being judged. Anne Davis Basting has made a major breakthrough in the care and respect for people with dementia and I am most proud be a part of this amazing organization." You can contact her at creativestorycatching@gmail.com.

Marja Steur: North Palmerston, New Zealand Marja is a Speech-language Therapist specializing in communication strategies for dementia. She uses TimeSlips to spark imagination, and stimulate language and thinking, thereby generating a positive effect on communication. You can contact her at marja.steur@icloud.com.

Romi Jones: Northumberland, United Kingdom Romi is a prose writer with many years’ experience combining creative writing with community involvement to enable individuals and groups to express their dreams and frustrations. She has an MA in Creative Writing (with Distinction) from Newcastle University; in 2014 she was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship to travel to USA/Canada to study creative writing with people with dementia and its connection with the development of dementia friendly communities. Check out her travel blog at www.romijones.wordpress.com.

Julie Voigts: Milwaukee and LaCrosse, WI Julie says,"I’m a working artist currently practicing in the field of aging services, using filmmaking and applied theatre techniques to collaborate. I have a passion for and experience in arts-based community engagement. Please contact me to facilitateTimeSlips storytelling sessions at julievoigts@hotmail.com."

Dawn Turner: White Rock, BC, Canada

Amber Smith: Juneau, AK

Kathy Schrandt: Perham, MN

Marissa Tchir: Toms River, NJ Marissa says, "I am a student majoring in Social Work, with a minor in Gerontology. TimeSlips has given me the opportunity to volunteer in my community with older adults. I am looking forward to conducting sessions as a certified TimeSlips Facilitator!" You can contact her at tchirm@go.stockton.edu.

Pam Nelson: Perham, MN Pam uses TimeSlips to generate stories with the residents at Perham Health. She has worked there for 25 years and she really enjoys this way of fostering creativity. You can contact her at pam.nelson@perhamhealth.org.

Shannon Ingersoll: Vancouver, BC, Canada Shannon is a Music Therapist who uses a diverse array of creative tools to engage and inspire her clients to create and express! She believes in the power of community and the creative arts to support each client wherever they are. Find out more about Shannon's work at www.heartsongmusicservices.ca.

Lorena Guarjardo: Perham, MN Lorena says, "I am an LPN, back in RN school, and I enjoy working with elders. I respect their years of experience and I learn a lot from them. TimeSlips is a nice way to perform a fun activity and watch them shine! You can contact her at lorena.guajardodeandres@perhamhealth.org.

Satu Bell: Vancouver, BC, Canada Satu says, "I am a Professional Photographer by trade but I am now excited about my new career as a Recreational Therapist in Gerontology. It has changed my life into more holistic journey by helping older adults in their imaginative minds to create with the Timeslips program." Find out more at www.satubell.com and you can contact her at satubell@mail.com.

Jennifer Burr: Baltimore, MD

Jolene Hansen: Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, WI Jolene uses TimeSlips to meet with small groups of participants in an adult day center. She says, "I retired fifteen years ago as an English teacher. I discovered TimeSips in its early stages and have been engaged in its joys and magic ever since." You can contact her at Jhjh614@aol.com.

Katie Majewski: Parma, OH

Elizabeth Nelms: Tallahassee, FL

Rachel Watkins-Petersen: Appleton, WI Rachel says, "In advocating for people living with dementia, I would love to see all care facilities have people certified in TimeSlips. I can’t say enough positive things about this program. It truly brings so much joy into the lives of those living with dementia AND those serving the people who do." You can contact her at rachel.watkins.petersen@gmail.com.

Elizabeth Marschall: Perham, MN

Wendy Schrag: Gilbert, AZ Wendy says, "Working with dementia residents is a passion of mine; TimeSlips has given me another tool to use. As an RN, I end up filling out more paperwork than I would like so TimeSlips gives me the opportunity to take time out of my day and do something fun with residents." You can contact her at wjs@touchmark.com.

Delia Abernethy: Kinsmen Lodge, Surrey, BC, Canada: Delia says, "My passion for caring for the elders inspires me to provide meaningful and engaging activities. I enjoy listening to their stories and experiences in life. Just being around the elders is fun." You can contact her at kinsmen.recreation@gmail.com or deliaabernethy@shaw.ca.

Jack Parkinson: Lancaster, United Kingdom Jack says, "I am the Facilitator for Pioneer Projects, an Arts and Health Charity in the North of England. My work is increasingly with those who have memory loss and their carers. I am inspired by this work and love to run Timeslips sessions because of the huge amount of pleasure it gives to all involved." Find out more at pioneerprojects.org.uk, and you can email her at jack@pioneerprojects.org.uk.

Carolyn Halpin-Healy: New York, NY Carolyn is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Arts & Minds. She is a museum educator dedicated to improving well-being for people with dementia and their caregivers through meaningful engagement with art. You can contact her at chalpinhealy@artsandminds.org.

Fran Bullock: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Marceline Ingenhoest: Uerikon, Switzerland Marceline says, "Being an art historian, it is a real joy to work with Timeslips.  It celebrates the creativity of participants, gives them a voice and face and grants respect and dignity. For me, Timeslips unifies my deep love for the wonderful world of images, the poetic world of words and my passion to support people. I provide individual and group Timeslips sessions for people in an advanced and early stage dementia in nursing homes, daycare centers, museums or in the home." You can contact her at m.ingenhoes@bluewin.ch.

Linda Shepard: Palmer, AK

Linda Hubbard: Victoria, Australia

Annabel Grant: Auckland, New Zealand Annabel enjoys using TimeSlips in her role as a clinical educator for speech language pathology students. The storytellers reveal their imaginations, abilities, and personhood to the students through the act of story creation. You can contact her at a.grant@massey.ac.nz.

Elizabeth Price: Richmond, VA Elizabeth runs a memory support program at an adult day center in Richmond, VA. She is a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Therapist and has been practicing for 6 years. She uses TimeSlips as a fun, interactive activity that taps into creativity in her work with people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. You can contact her at eprice@circlecenterads.org.

Sarah Stoakes: Bennington, NE Sarah says, "I enjoy engaging individuals with Dementia and Alzheimer's in creative arts as it shows the world how much a person with Alzheimer's or related disease has left to give." Find out more at www.ridgewoodretirementcommunity.com.

Paul Ferrara: New York, NY Paul uses TimeSlips to help create community and tap into people’s creativity. He says, "I am a teaching artist whose focus is on teaching art to older adults in a variety of settings: libraries, senior centers, retirement communities." Find out more at www.paul-ferrara.com.

Carrie Healy: Omaha, NE Carrie uses TimeSlip to provide a public service for AseraCare Hospice. She says, "It’s an opportunity to give back to the facilities we work with. I’ve worked in hospice for four years and incorporate my love of art into my work. I enjoy being creative/inventive and use a lot of “props” with people – TimeSlips is adding a whole new dimension to what I do..." You can contact her at carrie.healy@aseracare.com.

Maggie Bosse: Vancouver, BC Maggie uses TimeSlips to help Liberate, Inspire, and Elevate people living with memory loss. She is an imagination-loving, creatively-motivated student of Therapeutic Recreation. She says that she uses TimeSlips with her clients with memory loss because it is more fun than bingo. You can contact her at maggiebosse@gmail.com.

Lucy Seligson, LCSW: Englewood, NJ Lucy says, "My background as a singer/actor/performer combines very well with my social work training and education to make Timeslips a great fit for me as a facilitator. I work in a nursing home where our residents are retired actors, artists, dancers, and various creative professionals. The residents love TimeSlips as well." You can contact her at lseligson@actorsfund.org.

Francesca Creta-Merrill: South Burlington, VT Francesca is the site manager of the Adult Day Program at Grand Way with the Visiting Nurse Association of Grand Isle and Chittenden County in South Burlington, Vermont.  Her dementia-centered program is proudly the only ADP in the state to use the TimeSlips method!  Her goal is to find alternative and innovative methods to stimulate and enhance communication and  the ability to express  emotion  in people with dementia. Find out more at http://www.vnacares.org/health-care-services/adult-day-care-program/dementia-care or contact her at creta-merrill@vnacares.org.

Linda Strober: Great Neck, NY Linda uses TimeSlips to work with Alzheimer’s residents in a nursing home in New Rochelle, New York. She says, "I am an art therapist working on a smooth and creative transition between TimeSlips stories and coordinating art directives." You can contact her at lindagailxyz@aol.com.

Carrie Vitko: Bloomsburg, PA

Julia Ward: Ketchikan, AK Julia says, "I am a Program Director in a specialized Alzheimer's Care Facility. I Use Timeslips to create meaningful moments and wonderful stories with our elders on a weekly basis. It has brought so much joy and laughter to our home here. TimeSlips is the highlight of our weekly calendar." You can contact her at fire_ice@gmx.com.

Jessica Ruetsch: Spokane, WA Jessica says, "I work as a Life Enrichment Coordinator for a memory care unit with Touchmark and have been with the company since 2009. I use TimeSlips to encourage and help inspire creativity and spark conversations between the residents, staff, family members, and myself. You can contact her at jar@touchmark.com

Cindy Leslie: White Rock, BC, Canada

Jennifer Oiler: Boise ID Jennifer is the Life Enrichment Supervisor for the Owyhee Memory Care at Touchmark Meadowlake Village in Boise, Idaho.  In the short time using TS, Jennifer has witnessed residents lighting up, laughing together, and socializing in a new way! You can contact her at jlo@touchmark.com.

Nan Hagg: Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Area Nan holds a Masters Degree in Holistic HealthStudies. She utilizes her passion for creative expression and healing by facilitating a variety of diverse groups, guiding participants through creative processes for self-expression, presence, self-care, healing, team-building and overall well-being. You can contact her at njhagg@yahoo.com.

Bruce Devereux: Gibsons, BC, Canada

Mary Aveard: Edmond, OK Mary says, "It is an honor and a privilege to work with the memory care residents that I work with every day. We are a tight-knit family and TimeSlips gives us one more reason to get together and have fun!" You can contact her at MRA@touchmark.com.

Jason Conover: New York, NY

Ann Lin: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Ann uses TimeSlips to engage seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia to actively use their cognitive skills. She says, "I believe there’s no age when it comes to creativity, and to be able to assist people to express themselves through stories, I think it’s quite magical to be a part of that." You can contact her at annlin194@hotmail.com.

Sarah Ellis: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Sarah uses TimeSlips to bring joy to seniors in Halifax. She says, "I’m glad I have the opportunity to help the folks with Alzheimer’s in my community, even in a small way." You can contact her at sarah_ellis785@hotmail.com.

Laura Pearson: Helena, MT Laura works in Memory Care at Touchmark on Saddle Drive. She says, "I hold dementia close to my heart - my mom had it. My goal is to help families who have loved ones with dementia, to show them that their loved ones can still have fun, and to cherish the moments! " One of her favorite sayings is "To love a person is to learn the song in their heart, and sing it to them when they have forgotten…" You can contact her at LKP@Touchmark.com.

Heidi Dalusong: Bismarck, ND

Madeline Wahl: Omaha, NE Madeline is the Assistant Director of Community 360˚, a nonprofit organization dedicated to training trusted volunteers for nursing homes. Community 360˚ became a TimeSlips certified organization to give its core group of volunteers even more ways to enrich the lives of elderly residents in long term care facilities. Find out more at www.community-360.org.

Aagje Swinnen: Maastricht, The Netherlands

Denise Rohdin: Waterville, ME Denise says, "I have the honor of working in collaboration with Common Street Arts studio, in various facilities and private homes, facilitating TimesSlips and Creative Aging artistic happenings. Both storytelling and art truly helps us make sense of our intricate lives at any stage and I am humbled to be a part of these creative experiences." You can contact her at deniserohdin@gmail.com.

Maxine Lennon: Seattle, WA Maxine says, "Working with TimeSlips, I’ve watched as someone finds their voice and unfolds themselves physically from the fear of being wrong.  They escape from the prison of their illness for a brief time, and their caregiver realizes that traces of the person are still there, ‘somewhere’.  I’m an Irish storyteller and writer with two parents back home who have cognitive disabilities and a trail of relatives who suffered the same way; TimeSlips has shown me, what I knew on another level, that storytelling is the key to unlocking many doors."   You can find out more at mxllennon@gmail.com.

Tasha Schwab: Rice Lake, WI

Sophie Gulick: Victor, ID

Julie Davis: Jackson, WY

Carolyn Cristina Manzoni: Port Townsend, WA Cristina is a fiber artist and cultural anthropologist, and passionate about creative arts in dementia and bereavement.  She facilitates hospice grief groups incorporating expressive arts and mindfulness. She is a chaplain candidate at Upaya Zen Center, a spiritual director in training at Franciscan Spirituality Center, pursuing a M.Div. and working on a master’s thesis about expressive arts for dementia care and bereavement. Cristina currently facilitates TS with assisted living and memory care communities, working one-on-one with individuals and in groups. You can contact her at cc@betweenthethreads.com.

Dan Marois: Poland Spring, ME Dan says, "I am a writer, actor, and producer involved in mystery dinner theater, improv comedy, and improv workshops.  I also have a communications firm called Mainely Communications where I write anything that needs to be written." You can contact him at dmarois@fairpoint.net or check out his websites: www.mysteryforhire.com; www.mainelyimprov.comwww.mainelycommunications.net.

Jen Reau: Sylvania, OH

Katelynn Payne: West Fargo, ND

Argy Nestor: Augusta and the mid-coast of Maine Argy is thrilled to have had the opportunity to be trained in the TimeSlips program. The Maine Arts Commission (MAC) invited Teaching Artists to the training and Argy participated so she could learn more about educating the older population. Argy serves as Director of Arts Education. Thirty years as a middle school art teacher honed her spontaneous facilitating skills. You can read herblog at https://meartsed.wordpress.com/ and contact her at argy.nestor@maine.gov.

Jackie Devine: Cypress, TX

Mark Kuhn, Edmond, OK

Maggie Bussard: Bend, OR Maggie uses TimeSlips to help residents with dementia tell amazing stories. She says, "I work at Touchmark in Bend, Oregon and I thoroughly enjoy seeing our residents’ views through creating TimeSlips stories with them." You can contact her at mpb2@touchmark.com.

Cynthia Larson: Bend, OR

Angela Fingard: Milwaukee, WI

Matt Estrade: The Greater New Orleans area and Northshore, LA Matt is a consultant and educator in dementia care.  In addition to facilitating TimeSlips, he facilitates caregiver support groups and coaches caregivers. His mission is to help people and families find 'Peace with Dementia.' You can contact him at Matt@CarePartnerMentoring.com or check him out at www.CarePartnerMentoring.com or www.facebook.com/CarePartnerMentoring.

Chana Dayne-Winer: Macon, GA

Ivy Pascual: Vancouver, WA

Megan Foti: Haddonfield, NJ

Pam Murphy: Appleton, WI Pam practices TimeSlips at Touchmark in Appleton. She says, "Each and every individual who shares a life with a person affected with Alzheimer’s/Dementia should have TimeSlips in their “tool box”. There is no greater “tool”/gift than creating moments with TimeSlips." You can contact her at pjm@touchmark.com.

Cindy Taisacan: Vancouver, WA

Annette Crosby: Portland, ME Annette uses TimeSlips to create stories with folks living at The Park Danforth Community, residential care and housing. She says, "Heartwarming experience to see the engagement, the smiles, the giggles, the expression of the individuals who have been subjected to physical and mental challenges.  The images create easily expressed thought that opens memories of the storytellers' lives." You can contact her at crosbyaj@parkdanforth.com.

Kristine Biegel: Scarborough and southern ME Kristine says, "Empowering storytellers and artists of all ages and abilities, I create opportunities for groups to come together, using imagination and creativity to create exciting new worlds." Check our her websites, www.creativechildart.net and www.kristinebiegelart.com, or email her at tcreativechild@aol.com.

Kelsey Topham: Galloway, NJ Kelsey says, "I am a student at Stockton University studying psychology and concentrating in occupational therapy. I work at an assisted living and nursing home as a recreation assistant where I utilize my TimeSlips training." You can find out more and connect with her on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=AAMAAAs4lf0BcENiPHciLiuOvOXdfWPS54jhJwY&trk=hp-identity-photo

Debra Bachelder: Central Ohio Debra is a Gerontologist, Master Instructional Artist and Facilitator for several arts interventions. She develops, facilitates, and evaluates therapeutic arts experiences for participants of all ages, and professional development workshops for organizations including: medical schools, hospitals, hospice, long term care facilities, therapeutic residential and day treatment programs, museums, arts centers, school districts and businesses. Participants in her programs find joy, build self-esteem, and learn positive ways to cope while sharing and making memories-whether bedside, in support groups or respite care. You can contact her at workitout@redbird.net.

Kristina Brenner: Galloway, NJ

Alexis Brooks: Sewell, NJ

Katelyn Deranger-Poncheri: Towson, MD

Lisa Robb: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nichole Smith: Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Madonna Sussex: Gaylord, MI

Melissa Erb: Galloway, NJ

Gurjit Johal: Surrey, BC, Canada

Valerie Hill: Gastonia, NC Valerie is a Certified Activity Director, utilizing the skills she has developed with TimeSlips in a number of facilities the Gastonia area. She says, "I enjoy the skills that I have learned so that I can help people with memory loss." You can contact her at valknash@gmail.com.

Alison Ward: Mawsley, Northamptonshire, UK

Katelynn Singiser: Galloway, NJ

Pat Alsgaard: Sioux Falls, SD

Yoko Hayashi: Tokyo, Japan Yoko says, "I am a founder of Arts Alive, a non profit organization which provides arts to those underserved including seniors with dementia in Japan. I am planning to introduce TS to Japan as a means of creative group engagement for people with dementia as well as for caregivers." Check out her website at www.artsalivejp.org or email her directly at hayashi@artsalivejp.org.

Shawnna Berrigan: Helena, MT

Brittney Kozeliski: Peoria, AZ

Amy Jones, Denver, CO and surrounding areas Amy uses TimeSlips to connect the hearts and minds of the storytellers. She says, "Connections are created within the individual (meaning making and personal identification with the story) and within the group (socialization and support). The stories often inspire art creation, poems, books, and art shows. TimeSlips warmly invites the participants in care communities to find meaning and insight through creative expression." Check out her website at coloradoarttherapy.com or email her at arttherapyjones@gmail.com.

Mary Becker Weiss: Brunswick and Midcoast area, ME Mary says, "This collaboration of storytelling in response to artwork is a new and impactful way for me to use both my love of art and my attraction to and appreciation of elders. It is most exciting to recognize that moment in which there is a breakthrough for the storytellers, a moment when they engage with excitement with the artist/facilitator and with each other." Check out her website at www.marybeckerweiss.blogspot.com or contact her at cornicheonline@yahoo.com.

Deborah Ferreira: Crozet, VA

Kendra Stensland: Fargo, ND

Wanda Raby Spurlock: DNS, RN-BC, CNE, FNGNA: Baton Rouge, LA Wanda is a professor of nursing at Southern University and A&M College, School of Nursing, and a Fellow of the Natinal Gerontological Nursing Association. She says, "As a strong advocate for non-pharmacological, person-centered care, I use TimeSlips to actively engage persons with dementia in a creative and meaningful storytelling process across diverse care settings." You can contact her at wanda_spurlock@subr.edu.

Sydney Hetman: Centerville, OH

Theresa Baldwin: Sioux Falls, SD Theresa uses TimeSlips create stories in the evenings in the Memory Care unit at Touchmark at All Saints. She says, "TimeSlips is a fun activity that engages all the residents. Smiles and laughter are good medicine for any age." You can contact her at cag2@touchmark.com.

Jane Scott: North East England and Scotland, United Kingdom Jane is a Creative Engagement Associate at HenPower, empowering older people and people living with dementia in care settings. She uses TimeSlips to get to know a group of older adults and find their interests and communicative strengths. You can contact her at www.equalarts.org.uk

Dylan Baron: Bismarck, ND

Mindy Bolton: The Twin Cities, MN As an art and recreation facilitator in long-term care and adult day program settings, Mindy utilizes the TimeSlips storytelling process to engage and listen to those who live with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  Mindy has a strong commitment to enhancing care environments and supporting care teams through creative engagement processes. Check out her website at www.mnartists.org/community or email her at yesandthankyou@gmail.com.

Jonathan Kwok: Ann Arbor, MI Jonathan uses TimeSlips to engage individuals and groups with memory loss in a meaningful way, and celebrate their creative prowess in spite of various diagnoses. He is a new MSW graduate currently seeking job opportunities and eagerly awaiting more stories. You can contact him at wiggins.kwok@gmail.com.

Jan Brear: Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK

Hui Mien Koh: Singapore Hui Mien says, "I enjoy working with the elderly, persons with dementia in particular. They are often misunderstood by their outward appearance and behaviours, which require much understanding as a form of communications. The “real person” is still in them, we need to find them." You can contact her at kohhuimien@yahoo.com.sg.

Aimee Spring: Himmelried, Switzerland

Jeanne Hart: Buhl, ID

Clara Chua Lee Fun: Singapore Clara cares for people living with dementia from mild to advanced stages. She conducts activity base programmes in both English and Mandarin, encouraging participants to bond, interact and enjoy. You can contact her at chua.clara.lf@alexandrahealth.com.sg.

V'Ann Luedke Giuffre: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX V’Ann is the Vice President of Operations with AGE-u-cate Training Institute and a Trainer for each of their programs. She works with eldercare providers, hospitals, government organizations and universities to bring transformative change to aging. Find out more at AGEucate.com or contact her directly at vann@AGEucate.com.

Eleonora Gaffuri: Lodi, Italy Eleonora practices TimeSlips at the at the Santa Chiara Foundation in Lodi (LO), a structure that provides diverse services to the elderly population. She says, "I am fascinated and overwhelmed by this method and it amazes me every time. Older people are not sick, they are people who are capable of imagining, if we listen to and appreciate what they have to offer.  They become incredible storytellers." You can contact her at eleonoragaffuri@libero.it.

Alexandra Burns: Galloway, NJ Alexandra says, "TimeSlips allows the creativity to fruitfully blossom among the participants I work with at Seashore Gardens. They explore the images with that imaginative lens we all possess and it is amazing to explore that with them." You can contact her at burnsa4@go.stockton.edu.

Laurie Lambeth: Houston, TX

Jscob Kay: Milwaukee, WI

Greta Morton: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Ruth Dabel: Wauwatosa, WI

Margit Schroeter: Gemsbach, Germany

Kathy Redman: Syracuse, NY Kathy facilitates engaging, interactive group sessions that build on the strengths of group work to empower participants living with the challenges of cognitive impairment using the process of imaginative story creation. Participants experience connecting more fully to the moment they are in and communicating at a deeper level by embracing an enjoyable, relaxing, facilitated journey to create unique story that entertains, teaches and inspires. You can contact her at kath.redman@gmail.com.

Judy Gatehouse: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Melanie Valenti: Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom Melanie says, "I am an activity/occupation coordinator and trainer within dementia care. I look for ways to communicate and enhance the well being of people who live with dementia through activities!" You can find our more on her website, thecottonreel.wordpress.com, or contact her by email at thecottonreel@gmail.com.

Lynn Knudsen: Santa Cruz, CA

Judy Bilardello: Santa Cruz, CA

Kathleen McBurney: Santa Cruz, CA Kathleen says, "My journey with Alzheimer’s disease began when my mother was diagnosed with the disease.  My mother has passed, but my volunteer work continues with the Alzheimer’s Association and now with TimeSlips and NextStage Senior Theatre Company.  It’s so heartwarming to bring smiles and laughter to people with cognitive decline." You can find our more at www.nextstagesantacruz.org or contact Kathleen directly at cnc@baymoon.com.

Sally Shaman-Fogel: Santa Cruz, CA

Gina Val Leiva: Santa Cruz, CA Gina says, "Being a Facilitator and working with a team of like-minded people is a privilege I hold in high esteem. I am grateful to Time Slips as we evolve is reaching out to Seniors of different languages, providing a voice for the voiceless and nurturing their creativity. It is especially exciting to be able to provide this service to our Spanish speaking seniors in their native tongue as interactive services for this community are very limited and much needed." You can contact her at ginavalleiva@msn.com

Shantell Kemp: Victoria, Australia

Barb Anderley: Buffalo, MN

Monica Koetters: Alabama/Florida Panhandle, Pensacola FL and the surrounding cities Monica says, "I have a Master's Degree in Social Work and fifteen years of experience working specifically with individuals receiving Hospice Care and those in senior communities.  I LOVE to use TimeSlilps as a way to connect and bring joy to those  living with the challenges of dementia related illnesses and to encourage those who work with and/or care for and serve those same individuals." You can contact her at mlkoettersmsw@gmail.com.

Yolanda de Kleer: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Yolanda says, "As the Life Enrichment Coordinator, Memory Care at Touchmark at Wedgewood, I have the opportunity to enrich residents’ lives through activities that incorporate the seven dimensions of wellness through our Full Life Wellness & Life Enrichment ProgramTM. I am honored to be the first in Alberta to become a certified TimeSlips facilitator." You can contact her at Y-D@Touchmark.com or check out their website at Touchmark.com

Sandra Kowalenko: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Laura Menzies: Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Ronda Knuth: Denver, CO Ronda says, "I use TimeSlips to stir the creative juices lying dormant in my residents, most of whom have dementia. I live out my love five days a week with my residents at Sunrise Senior Living at Pinehurst in Denver, Colorado where I am a Life Enrichment Manager. I’ve been with the community approximately 13 years." You can contact her at pinehurst.ava@sunriseseniorliving.com.

Ian Bannon: Portland, ME Ian has been an artist and an educator for over a decade, fostering community and in-depth learning experiences through the arts. He works with all ages, drawing on a background in puppetry and devised physical theater to breathe life into TimeSlips celebrations. You can contact him at bannonian@gmail.com.

Valentina Paulon: Venezia, Italy

Holly Osborne: Fairview Park, OH

Mae Forson: Parkville, MD Mae says, "I am a Center Connection Specialist for the Baltimore County Department of Aging. I serve as a point of contact at the Parkville Senior Center, for members with intellectual disabilities or dementia that might require additional assistance." You can contact her at mforson@baltimorecountymd.gov.

Stephanie Zilinski: Guilford, CT

Andrea Cantley: Salem and Oregon City, OR Andrea says, "I am a Gerontologist, a Cognitive Rehabilitation Specialist, and fitness coach that wants to see a cure for Alzheimer’s in my lifetime. I love teaching people the importance of and how to exercise the mind and body from infancy to the later years in life." You can contact her at andreacantley@gmail.com.

Deborah Marshall Gonzales: Arapahoe County, CO Deborah says, "I provide outreach library programming for Arapahoe County Library District in Colorado; which is part of our initiative to increase library services to seniors living in our community. It is our goal to surprise and delight our patrons as much as possible and TimeSlips helps me to accomplish this goal! You can contact her at stillpine@gmail.com.

Marsha Kaplan: Pikesville, MD Marsha says, "I am a Center Connection Specialist with the Baltimore County Department of Aging where I provide assistance with registration, participation and socialization to individuals who need additional support and encouragement to enhance their senior center experience.  Center Connection is a service that supports and connects individuals to Senior Center programs to maximize independence, enhance social interactions, participate in meaningful activities and rekindle interests." You can contact her at mkaplan@baltimorecountymd.gov.

Jennifer Drummond: San Jose, CA

Nancy Armitage: Southeastern WI Nancy says, "I am a creative who is passionate about bringing opportunity for expression to memory care and assisted living communities. Through painting watercolor, storytelling or singing, the intrinsic needs to create and be part of a collaboration are nurtured and stimulated." You can contact her at nancyarmitagefineart@gmail.com.

Jeanette Wäldin: Sulzburg (Markgräflerland), Furtwangen and surrounding Black Forest areas, Germany Jeanette works as a volunteer with people with dementia. She is a kindergarten teacher in the core area of Language Promotion in Early Childhood, including Gesture and Sign-Supported Communication. She also is a dementia-care assistant. She says, "TimeSlips is such an impressive method to be in an appreciative dialogue with the storytellers. It deeply values the achievements of their lives, their feelings and thoughts and encourages everybody to create something very special and very unique." Check out her website at www.sprachspielwiese.de/geschichtenwerkstatt or email her at Waeldin@t-online.de.

Vanessa Smith: Frisco, TX

Mary Ann Iovinelli: Westchester, IL Mary Ann uses TimeSlips to give her residents with dementia a feeling of pride in themselves and to show people in the rest of our community that even though you have dementia you still have a voice. She says, "The stories written by my residents come from their hearts. Seeing how proud they are of their stories and to see what they have accomplished is priceless." You can contact her at mygirls8825@gmail.com.

Kathryne (Kate) Fassbender: Northeast Wisconsin and New York Kate says, "I am a drama therapist in training, using my classical training in piano and voice, my extensive practices in studio art, and theatre training to encourage a creative, valued, faith-filled approach to the progression of life. I focus primarily on dementia research and care, looking at how through the arts I can inspire, promote, and support those seeking healing, validation, and community." You can contact her at KLFassbender@gmail.com.

Debi Sims: Edmond, OK

Tammy Cline: Dundalk, MD Tammy says, "As a Center Connection specialist, I assist individuals who need supportive services to participate in Senior Center programs, but do not need physical assistance or close supervision. Center Connection members receive individual assistance to meet new people, choose activities and register for classes, and the Center Connection Specialist provides assistance with the Eating Together Nutrition program, monitors member activities, offers support and encouragement and refers members and caregivers (as appropriate) to community services." You can contact her at tcline@baltimorecountymd.gov.

Keishia Mkangaza: Cockeyesville, MD

Kathleen Little: Burlington, NC Kathleen practices TimeSlips with a group of people with memory loss in a day center, to foster their sense of community, creativity, and communication, and have fun! She says, "I am so happy to be able to provide this program to our participants. It is amazing to watch otherwise often reserved participants come to life during the storytelling process. It feels like a little gift I am giving them each week!" You can contact her at kathleen469@gmail.com.

Jacklyn Kostichka: Milwaukee, WI

Hannah Bain: Appleton, WI Hannah says, "I am the Community Engagement Coordinator at The Trout Museum of Art where we host the Spark! program to engage caregivers and loved ones living with memory loss. TimeSlips will be used as a tool for creative engagement to enhance interactive exhibit experiences." You can find out more at www.troutmuseum.org or contact her at hbain@troutmuseum.org.

Maria Liesegang: Sheboygan, WI

Tom Hjelmgren: The geographic corridor between Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL Tom says, "With skills from both The Arts and standard facilitation training I understand and enthusiastically embrace the limitless potential that TimeSlips has to offer. As a freelance TimeSlips facilitator, I have seen this unique method work with both young and old in sites as diverse as Assisted Living Homes and dance studios." You can contact him at jungsys108@gmail.com.

Samantha Kriegshauser: Fort Mill, SC Samantha  says, "I am the Director of a Day Program and a Certified Teacher of Dementia Dialogues. I see Timeslips as a way to connect with those individuals in a new way and help them feel alive and creative in any way they are able. Capturing those moments and being able to preserve them in the stories is so important and a wonderful gift to the family and the community." You can contact her at fmtcadc@comporium.net.

Kim Evanoski: Ithaca, NY

Carine Brosse: Grassington, North Yorkshire, England

Christopher Truslow: Baltimore, MD Christopher says, "I am a center connection specialist that helps older adults remain as independent as possible while still helping them in the areas where they may struggle, while leaving as much of their independence intact as possible. TimeSlips is a great form of senior center programming because it unifies older adults living with cognitive conditions with others who are passionate about art.  Everyone can contribute and feel a sense of self-worth when participating in these storytelling sessions." You can contact him at ctruslow@baltimorecountymd.gov.

Suzanne Dickson: Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand

Krystal Collazo: Spokane, WA Krystal says, "Working with Timeslips has helped me create a fun stress-free program for the residents I have the privilege of taking care of. It has opened many doors for me to engage the people in my community." You can contact her at Marshman06@hotmail.com.

Libby Cantu: Milwaukee, WI

Kelsey Mailer: Camrose, Alberta, Canada

Katherine Kremer: Brooklyn Center, MN Katie says, "My position is a 3 year quality improvement incentive grant position through the Minnesota Department of Health to decrease/eliminate Sundowning and improve the quality of life for residents with dementia. I have created targeted interventions for residents that experience Sundowning including clinical, care and operational processes, psychosocial, and environmental components." You can contact her at kkremer@preshomes.org.

Haley Jarczynski: Essex, MD

Sydney Cheek-O'Donnell: Salt Lake City, UT Sydney uses TimeSlips to demonstrate the power of creativity to redefine what we believe is possible, to create joy, and to encourage others to imagine making art in unexpected settings. She says, "I educate 'civilians' about the power of the arts to improve individual and community well-being. I educate professional artists about using their skills to make high-quality art in non-traditional settings." You can contact her at scheek@gmail.com.

Nathan Ebelein: Adelphi, MD

Xinyi Liang: Iowa City, IA Xinyi says, "I am currently a nursing student from UI, and I do clinics in UIHC and do activities with dementia clients every week in an assist living facility. I use TimeSlips to encourage participants with dementia to contribute to group activities with confidence and to introduce this great activity to more facilities." You can contact her at Xinyi-liang@uiowa.edu.

Megan Stretton: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Jessica Erickson: Bloomington, MN

Jennifer Ferro: Jackson, NJ

Tessa Eide: Fargo, ND

Jan Turner: Athens, GA and West Bend, WI Jan has been telling stories for more than 35 years, using the power of narrative in executive positions at four universities and four nonprofits in five states. She is the founder and executive director of Remembering Forward: Stories in Motion in Athens. Jan is a sponsored member of the National Storytelling Network and a member of the Healing Story Alliance. Her story,“The Upside of Alzheimer’s,” appeared in the 2015 issue of the Alliance’s journal. A former Emory administrator, she completed a MA and two years of doctoral studies in intercultural communication. Check out her website at www.rememberingforward.org and contact her at janturner111@yahoo.com.

Lisa-Marie Serrone: Bronx, NY Lisa-Marie says, "I am a student majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders hoping to one day be a Speech-Language Pathologist for the adult and pediatric populations. I am currently researching the usefulness and efficacy of non-pharmacological approaches on life quality for individuals with dementia and am confident that by using TimeSlips I will be able to share these approaches with the world." You can contact her at lisamarieserrone@gmail.com.

Paula Skleres: Towson, MD

Paul Journeaux: Jersey, Channel Islands, UK

Maria Kniesz: Wauwatosa, WI

Pamela Gravagne: Albuquerque, NM and surrounding areas Pam says, "My work is rewarding because it makes my students aware of the unconscious ageism they carry around with them and teaches them to interact differently with people with memory problems. But perhaps the most important parts of my work are the relationships I've developed with the people who actually do the storytelling—they're amazing!" You can contact her at pgravagn@unm.edu.

Petra Lang O'Brien: Santa Fe, NM

Chelsey Lanter: Burlington, NC

Dana Penn: Dayton (south), OH Dana’s passion is honoring our Elders by spending time with them and participating in a variety of activities with the hope of adding to the joy in their lives. Dana is delighted to be able to join with Elders and assist in their creation of personal and unique stories using the TimeSlips Storytelling method. You can contact her at danamurphypenn@earthlink.net.

Hannah McLoughlin: Liverpool, England, UK Hannah is a keen storyteller, with a BA Honors degree in Creative Writing and a background in journalism. She now facilitates creative writing sessions in Merseyside, where she uses TimeSlips and other storytelling methods with residents on a group and one-to-one basis, to help spark their imagination, increase their enjoyment of life and give them a sense of accomplishment. You can contact her at hannah.mcloughlin@outlook.com or visit writeherewritenow.blog.

Adrienna Charles: Elk Grove, CA

Alli Groves: Concord, CA Alli says, "I am the Memory Care Clinical Specialist at Carlton Senior Living. As the Clinical Specialist I coach the Memory Care Managers and programming staff on how to provide our residents with the best quality of life possible. Check out the Carlton Senior Living website at carltonseniorliving.com.

Vickie Shearer: Appleton, WI

Elena Rossi: Florence (Firenze), Italy

Nancy Lazaroff: New Hyde Park, NY

Baylee Votava: Milwaukee, WI

Kimberly Boyd: Mason City, IA

Jesus Vasquez: Davis, CA

Kari Santos: Cedar Rapids, IA

Joanne Levine, MSW: Los Angeles, CA Joanne says, "I use TimeSlips for clients experiencing memory loss at the senior center where I work, with many of them being Holocaust survivors. I’ve found that applying this approach of creative storytelling greatly increases their quality of life (as it does mine)." You can contact her at jlevine@jfsla.org.

Michael Brooker: Oconomowoc, WI Michael uses TimeSlips as a navigational tool to restore and invigorate the senses that are so essential to quality of life. He says, "The mind, imagination and sensation are not lost to dementia - the act of Storytelling proves this! There is no such thing as right mind, right love, or right work; we as Caregivers have the power to restore dignity, to affirm the worth of every person we care for by listening, writing, and speaking the inventive works they create. I use Timeslips in a Memory Care Unit, and it's possibilities for creating and restoring relationships in our small community is endless."
 You can contact him at MichaelCNACDP@gmail.com.

Karen Sence: Cincinnati, OH Karen uses TimeSlips to bring out creativity in her residents; engage them in a meaningful way while keeping them mentally active; promote a sense of community within her community; and to provide fun and laughter in a social setting. She says, "I am a Programs Coordinator at the The Kenwood by Senior Star. I like to say that I get to have fun with about 90 aunts, uncles and grandparents every day!” You can contact her at ksence@seniorstar.com.

Brianna Taylor: Seattle, WA Brianna says, "I value the opportunity to facilitate TimeSlips to those with dementia, to enter a world that is theirs as I create and share the gift of their imagination. This is a powerful key that unlocks their voice, one that must be heard. I work in both a group and individual setting, with a focus on enhancing Memory Care life enrichment programs with this specialized offering." Find out more by contacting Briannataylor579@gmail.com.

Paula Jones: Dallas, TX Paula says, "I am an Engagement Director and I am hands-on with my residents. I am a Dementia Specialist who does engagement programs, outings, parties, poetry, paintings, gardening, stress reduction, aroma therapy, exercise and more with dementia/ALZ residents." You can contact her at maaliyahandpaula@yahoo.com.

Katrina Kelley: Florence, AL

Toni Jones: Pleasant Hill, CA

Sally Jeppson: Gackle, ND Sally says, "As the 'Art for Life' coordinator for the Jamestown Arts Center, in association with North Dakota Council on the Arts, we are working to improve the lives and well-being of seniors across North Dakota by using art and arts activities. By continually innovating, and using techniques such as TimeSlips, in concert with original art, exhibits and contracted artists, we provide resources and activities to eldercare centers that help transform the lives of their residents as well as the facility's staff and culture." You can contact her at sjepp@daktel.com.

Sarah Evans: Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada Sarah says, "I am a Recreation Aide working in 3 senior homes in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area in British Columbia, Canada. I have used my facilitator training as an opportunity to better know my residents. It is amazing what comes out as a story unfolds. The stories reveal personality traits, leadership characteristics and emotions that were locked away until the key of storytelling activated imagination and creativity. Every story created is unique just like the people who tell them." You can contact her at sarahevans218@gmail.com.

Monique Di Lonardo: Tulsa, OK

Diane Grunes: Santa Cruz, CA

Janine Saugstad: Lebanon IN Janine says, "I provide TimeSlips on a 10 bed Geriatric/Psychiatric unit. This program provides the opportunity for patients of all abilities to engage in a meaningful, creative program." You can contact her at jsaugstad@witham.org.

Larissa Dunnett: Wellington, New Zealand

Blake Wilson: Fort Worth, TX

Shickona Asfall: New Hyde Park, NY

Ami Brighty: Northamptionshire, England, UK Ami says, "I am a registered mental health nurse working with those living with dementia. I have a passion for ensuring that those living with dementia have the best possible quality of life and that their talents and uniqueness are not overshadowed by a diagnosis. You can contact her at ami.brighty@nhft.nhs.uk.

Jeanette Sears: Clinton, Ontario, Canada

Jennifer Martinez: Pleasant Hill, CA

Jacob Bizaillion: Chesterfield, MO

Margaret Moore: Louisville, CO

Kayce Kohls: Appleton, WI Kayce works at Touchmark in Appleton, Wisconsin. She says, "I truly enjoy my job here at Touchmark. Every day is a new adventure, working with the residents and the different personalities and characters. Being able to use TimeSlips to bring out their creativity is amazing,  to watch them blossom." You can contact her at kmk@touchmark.com.

Shanness Williams: Milwaukee, WI Shanness uses TimeSlips to Bring together intergenerational groups, small groups, children and individuals to help them understand that their voices are heard and their words are important. She says, "I love doing intergenerational TimeSlips. The adults bring their more realistic, practical point-of- view and the children bring their creative imaginations, and that makes for wonderful socialization and fun!" You can contact her at swilliams@stanncenter.org.

Jenn Ross: Chicago, IL Jenn says, "I am passionate about the power creative engagement has on older adults and strive to provide the most strengths-based, person-centered care possible. Learning techniques like TimeSlips has improved my practice as an art therapist. This program has improved my relationship with residents of the communities I work at and it has been a privilege to witness it also evolving the relationships between community members." Check out her website at www.jennrossillustrations.com or contact her at jenn.ross@cmsschicago.org.

Rachel Nguyen: San Diego, CA Rachel says, "I enjoy being involved with creative works, and combining Timeslips in my interactions is helpful with those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. It’s a fun and engaging experience, and I highly recommend trying some of the prompts on this website with your friends and family." You can contact her at nguye342@cougars.csusm.edu.

Amie Gray: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hanne Jones: Bergen, Norway

Andri Seay: Pittsboro, NC Andri says, "I am a Master of Social Work student at UNC. I became TimeSlips certified after watching a TimeSlips session at my field placement, a Program for the All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly."  She uses TimeSlips to provide an opportunity for a fun group activity that everyone at the center can participate in. You can contact her at andripseay@gmail.com.

Carol Dana: Ellicott City, MD

Maria Vorhis: Chicago, IL Maria is a writer/performer, filmmaker, teaching artist, and human. Her artistic mission is to promote creative self-expression by sharing her stories, and helping people to share theirs. She is delighted to join the TimeSlips team, and looks forward to hearing all the stories that have yet to be told! Check out her website at www.mariavorhis.com and contact her at maria.vorhis@gmail.com.

Lucia Van Milaan: The Netherlands, all areas

Lenah Walton: Grundy Center, IA

Eli Lea: Bergen, Norway

Kathy Strawser: Lakewood, OH Kathy says. "I use TimeSlips to create programming at the Cleveland VA Medical Center (dementia unit) and The Farrell Foundation for Brain Health. I feel called to do pastoral care for a congregation and for the veteran population. I feel particularly comfortable working with people who have memory loss. TimeSlips is one of the best ways I’ve found to do this work." You can contact her at kkstrawser@gmail.com.

Aldric Crawley: Washington, DC

Tafarah Rutledge-Estese: Milwaukee, WI Tafarah is the Adult Activities Coordinator at St. Ann Center Intergenerational Care - Bucyrus Campus in Milwaukee. She says, "I use TimeSlips to engage my clients in socializing and wonderful childhood memories of yesterday. They really come alive with joy and laughter! I would like to be recognized for having passion, love and patience for enhancing the lives of the clients I serve." You can contact her at testese@stanncenter.org.

Brenda Torres-Wells, CTRS: Philadelphia and Rosemont, PA and New York City Brenda is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist with over 25 years of work experience with seniors and youth. She is talented, creative with a successful work background as a dynamic developer of new initiatives and trends using traditional and non-traditional innovative approaches. She enjoys facilitating Timeslips using her motto “Make Moments Count” for her clients, to provide a great experience. You can contact her at Technohealer@gmail.com.

Raquel Cowell: De Pere, WI

Tracy Sherzer: Ely, IA Tracy says, "I am an Activity Consultant for 16 Long Term Care facilities, 7 Assisted Living facilities and 1 Memory Care-specific facility in Eastern Iowa. I work with the Activity Directors in these facilities to create meaningful programming for their residents. I am also a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist so Time Slips is a wonderful way to enhance the programs in the buildings I work with." You can contact her at tsherzer@diversacare.net.

Hwan-Jing Koh: Singapore

Navya Kartha: Houston, TX Navya uses TimeSlips to bring a little joy to the storytellers in the Houston area and help create wonderful stories for both story tellers and facilitators to enjoy. She says, "My experience with Timeslips has transformed my perception of health and the importance of showing someone how much their voice matters regardless of their situation. I want to be able to bring more awareness to this incredible program and expand the scope so that more people have access to this community."

Jennifer (Jenny) Hill: Lancaster, PA Jennifer is a multidisciplinary artist — a poet, playwright, arts educator, and performer who loves exploring all the real and imagined connections between writing and movement. For the past 17 years she has worked in the Arts-in- Education program with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, where she shares creative writing and movement residencies in schools, senior centers, and community organizations. Check out her website at actsofjennius.com or contact her at jenniferdunnhill@gmail.com.

Cher McGlynn: Teeswater, Ontario, Canada

Margaret Ushko: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sheradon Jorgensen: Santa Cruz, CA 

Linda McMahon: Daleville, VA

Diane Richmond: Worcester, MA

Cindy Lamica: Worcester, MA

Sarah Schoon: Anamosa, IA

Rai Khan: San Pablo, CA

Katie L: Milwaukee, WI

Don Rieder: The Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), Nova Scotia, Canada Don uses TimeSlips to work with seniors at a drop-in center called The Old School in Musquodoboit Harbour and as a teaching tool in his English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. He is a professional storyteller, theatre clown, circus artist, and dancer who has toured throughout Europe, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Now, dancing in his third act, he is sharing his skills and bringing the TimeSlips approach to seniors in his local community and to language classes for international students. You can contact him at don.r.rieder@gmail.com.

Barbara Lawrence: Portland, ME Barbara uses TimeSlips to engage the residents at The Cedars in storytelling. She says, "I have so enjoyed learning about TimeSlips and the wonderful way to engage the residents in a newly creative way. They enjoy our get-togethers.  They love hearing the completed story, how it sounds and comes together, and they're often surprised by the outcome!  Creativity is so important to the aging population and this is yet one more wonderful way to let them know they are talented!" You can contact her at rlawrenc@maine.rr.com.

Alison Forsgren: Nantucket, MA

Graeme Gurr: Sacramento, CA

Guy Irving: Milwaukee, WI

Delores Moore: Milwaukee, WI

Shirlene Pelts-Bryars: Milwaukee, WI

Tressa McGraw: Milwaukee, WI

Kendra Spencer: Richmond, VA

Jan Buley: St John's Newfoundland, Canada Jan knows that the profession of teaching is a great privilege, and she delights in teaching through story.  As a TimeSlips lifetime fan, she uses the strategies she has gleaned with both ends of the 'age' continuum--telling stories with artifacts, story objects and photographs with little crickets at daycares, and also sharing and creating wild stories with more seasoned storytellers - often over the age of 75 - at homes for seniors.  She lives in Newfoundland, an island steeped in story and song, and is happily putting her TimeSlips training to good use in her literacy teaching position in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University.  Three cheers for TimeSlips in connecting people through story and memory! You can contact her at jan.buley@gmail.com.

Terry Kaufman: Los Angeles, CA Terry uses TimeSlips to work with groups of people who have dementia in adult daycare and long-term care facilities. He says, "I am passionate aboutolder adults’ well-being and engagement in life." You can contact him at kaufman.terry@gmail.com.

Rose Piper: Helena, MT

Jo Algiers: Canby, OR Jo strives to enhance individual AND mutual group Interactive Imagination through Creative, Collaborative Storytelling. Social interaction through storytelling is as old as the world, as new as each dawn. Words woven together, re-imagined and passed down through generations or just one-on-one, can become touch-points to bridge gaps in memory, ages, genres. STORYTELLING is a Universal Gift to all. You can contact her at jogo2ozn72@hotmail.com.

Korbi Adams: Tempe, AZ

Didi Cruz: Phoenix, AZ

Monica De La Rosa: Phoenix, AZ

Tony Dingman: Louisville, KY

Anthony Farias: Phoenix, AZ

Jackie Fuller: Phoenix, AZ

Ashley Hernandez: Phoenix, AZ

Bahne Kuehne: Bisbee, AZ

Leanne Olson: Waukesha, WI

Therese Perreault: Tucson, AZ

Tracy Tidgwell: Toronto and Southern Ontario Tracy is an artist, educator and facilitator working at Re•Vision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice, a storytelling hub at the University of Guelph. She’s a Certified TimeSlips facilitator whose love of play, imagination and collaboration guides her in everything she does. Tracy appreciates working creatively with everybody and is especially interested in storytelling with people of all ages living with memory loss and with older people and elders from LGBTQ communities. You can contact her at ttidgwell@uoguelph.ca.

Jon Schilling: Phoenix, AZ

Michael Smith: Waukesha, WI

Loretta Divincenzo: Daleville, VA

Jenn Kerr: Springfield, MO

Margaret Arney: Wauwatosa and the Milwaukee area, WI

Megan McCargish: Baltimore, MD

Jamie Ward: Brenham, TX Jamie is a professional actress and theatre educator, who enjoys creating community through art.  She is currently the Education Development Manager at Unity Theatre (www.UnityBrenham.org), where she develops and teaches classes for students of all ages and abilities.  She uses TimeSlips to serve local elderly care systems as part of the theatre’s outreach program. You can contact her at Jamie@UnityBrenham.org.

Krystal Dickinson-Sophiea: Phoenix, AZ

Julieann Knutson: Hutchinson, MN Julieann says, "I am a Life Enrichment Director/Certified Activity Director.  I work for Presbyterian Homes and Services at Harmony River Living Center in Hutchinson, Minnesota. In working with our SOS Program(Synchronizing on Sundowning) I was able to get TimeSlips training. I facilitate TimeSlips in our long term memory care area and enjoy having the opportunity to bring out our residents' creativity and unique personalities through story telling. You can contact her at jknutson@preshomes.org.

Christine Payne: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Silvia Fancelli: Città di Castello, Italy

Joyce Stauffer: Lititz, PA Joyce says, "Even though I have relatives who had/ still have dementia, and worked with residents with dementia as an activities aide for several years, I am still learning how to best facilitate TimeSlips creative storytelling among those with dementia. With the required sessions needed for certification I have had a good and fun beginning and look forward to doing so much more!" You can contact her at jmstauffer57@gmail.com.

Bert Ijams: Prescott, AZ

Mary Mitchell: Seattle, WA

Mary Ward: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada  Mary uses TimeSlips to encourage storytelling with dementia clients in an Adult Day Center. She says, "I enjoy seeing the fun the clients have as a group and the pride they show when I put their name tags around their necks. I also enjoy letting my not so latent ham out for an appreciative audience." You can contact her at Mariward@me.com.

Sherrilynn Geban: Elk Grove, CA Sherrilynn uses TimeSlips to write stories with groups of residents in the memory care community where she works. She says, "I enjoy the time I spend with the residents. Timeslips is a fun activity and more residents are joining our sessions. The best part is all the smiles and giggles and the full engagement in writing a story." You can contact her at sgeban@carltonseniorliving.com.

Emily Johnson: Missouri City, TX

Jonathan Zalenchak: Pittsburgh, PA

Amanda Levine: Chicago, IL

Regina Schultz: Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany

Edith de Koningh: Dieren, The Netherlands

Maria Khristina de Jesus: San Jose, CA

Simone Weiss: Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany Simone says, "I work with people with dementia at the Herzog- Anton Ulrich Museum in Braunschweig as part of a project. At the museum we have 500 paintings, mostly from the 15th to the 19th centuries. We call it the 'Louvre of the North.' There we have friendly staff and a house without barriers." You con contact her at improschildi16@aol.com.

Katie Schumacher: Madison, WI Katie says, "I started TimeSlips training as a way to grow my ‘toolbox’ for the Wisconsin Historical Museum’s SPARK! program (a program for people with early- to mid-stage dementia and their care partners). It has allowed me to utilize the Wisconsin Historical Society’s vast image collections in a new way, engaging storytellers with the past and inspiring creativity at the same time. It is part of the mission of the Wisconsin Historical Society to share Wisconsin’s stories - but TimeSlips allows us to create stories too!" Check out the museum's website at www.wisconsinhistoricalmuseum.org or contact Katie at kaitlyn.schumacher@wisconsinhistory.org.

Charlotte Stafrace: Zebbug, Malta Charlotte says, "I am an arts practitioner and actress. I have been working in the elderly sector since 2014, project managing and running creative sessions in elderly day care centres and homes. I believe in the power of creativity to engage and connect but also to bring about change." Check out her website at www.activeagemalta.org or contact her directly at charliestaf@gmail.com.

Eleanor Brownlee: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Vanesa Lawson: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kathy Passauer: Severna Park, MD

Phyllis Ryan: Albuquerque, NM Phyllis says, "I am an active elder who teaches ukulele every week; participates in an acting group that presents Old Time Radio skits, complete with 40’s and 50’s dress before live microphones and audiences, reading our scripts; am a member of Southwest Writers group of hopeful writers and poets. I live with two daughters amicably (!), and I'm enjoying my elder years. I am very grateful for the good health and rational mind I still possess." Find out more at  www.cabq.gov/seniors/events/roadrunner-strummers or email her at Strumbum1@gmail.com.

Nicole Madison Garrett: Jackson, WY Nicole is a TimeSlips Facilitator in Wyoming who hopes to use TimeSlips to bring creative engagement to people in both facility and community settings. She is able to travel almost anywhere to bring TimeSlips to your organization. She can be reached at nicolemadison01@yahoo.com or nicole@nicolemadison.com.

Becky Staggs: Florence, AL

Shari Mastalski: Butler, PA Shari uses TimeSlips to engage elders and special needs people in creative story-telling. She says, "My art form is story-dancing, combining words and movement. People enjoy this form of art because anyone can do it. I am a rostered Teaching-Artist with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts partner, Erie Arts and Culture." Check out her website at uarts.digication.com/shari_karn_mastalski/Home or contact her at sharikarn@hotmail.com.

Danielle Leithauser: Jackson, MI Danielle uses TimeSlips to engage seniors in residential facilities. She says, "Jackson District Library is creating several programs (Project BRIDGE) to meet the needs of seniors with dementia as well as their caregivers. I am proud to be the Program Coordinator." You can contact her at leitd@myjdl.com.

Leroy Quinn: New Orleans, LA

Joanna Liao: Vancouver, WA

Pam Evers: Milwaukee, WI

Susan Gobbel: Bradford, PA

Kristen Merritt: New Orleans, LA Kristen says, "The residents and I have formed an even stronger bond through the storytelling process. It is rewarding to see them come to life when creating the stories. The activity has been fun for all involved, I would recommend TimeSlips to anyone wanting to connect with a resident or their loved one." You can contact her at ArtsforElders@gmail.com.

Mary Jean Hermes: Seattle, WA

Paula McMillan: Fairfax, VA

Angie Detert: Mora, MN Angie says, "I am very excited about being a part of the TimeSlips family. I have enjoyed my training very much and am super excited to bring the TimeSlips storytelling process to my community and the surrounding communities. I have witnessed first-hand the joy that it brings to people and look forward to sharing that joy and experience with as many people as I can." Check out her work website, www.familypathways.org, or email her directly at angied@familypathways.org.

Patti Goldstein: Oakland, CA and the San Francisco Bay area Patti says, "I have worked in memory care for about 10 years as an Activity Specialist and I encourage my groups to engage, create, socialize and make memories through stories and art." You can contact her at rev.patgold@att.net.

Lora Zill: Conneaut Lake, PA

Lauren Shelley: Springdale, AR