TimeSlips is embarking on a month-long fundraising campaign to support our mission - to bring TimeSlips inspirational programming to people around the world. 

Our goal? Raise $30,000 to support TimeSlips general operating budget by December 31, 2016, and to earn a challenge grant of $5,650 committed by Board members and friends of TimeSlips.

Please consider making a gift of any size to build the creative care revolution, and produce more programming for families, staff, volunteers, and individuals with memory loss.

Incentives to be part of this campaign include: 

  • All donors will be recognized on our websiteand in our winter newsletter
  • Donors at the $250 level will receive their very own "TimeSlips Story or Prompt of the Day" dedication on social media during 2017
  • Donors at the $500 level will receive all of the above plus a TimeSlips  Creativity Journalfor themselves or to donate to one of our Creative Communities of Care
  • Donors at the $1,000 level will receive all of the above, plus Forget Memoryby Anne Basting
  • Donors at the $5,000 level will receive all of the above, plus one complimentary TimeSlips training and certification in Creative Storytelling - tuition for yourself, a loved one, or donated as a scholarship

If you'd like to be part of our Annual Fund Drive, and help us reach our goal of raising $26,000 by year's end, donate below! 


TimeSlips Creative Storytelling Inc is a 501c3. Our mission is to improve the lives of people with memory loss through creative engagement. Help us bring joyful connection into the lives of families with memory loss. 

You may also mail donations to:

TimeSlips Creative Storytelling Inc
4461 N. Lake Dr. 
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Many, many thanks...Your donations help us:

  • keep our creative storytelling website with 200 prompts (and growing!) FREE for all to use
  • provide FREE trainings for family caregivers
  • provide dramatically discounted trainings for students and volunteers
  • continue to bring meaningful creative connection to families with dementia across the world.