Certified Facilitator Spotlight: Catherine Livingstone


Today we spotlight Catherine Livingstone, TimeSlips Certified Facilitator and founder of the Canadian social enterprise company The Opal Season Company. We asked Catherine some questions about the work she does with isolated elders in Canada and how TimeSlips has helped her practices.

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Certified Facilitator Spotlight: Pooja Lalwani


Today we spotlight Pooja Lalwani, TimeSlips Certified Facilitator and undergraduate student at Duke University studying biology, music, and sustainability. We asked Pooja some questions about how TimeSlips has affected her personally, as a student, and as an intern at the Nasher Museum.

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Dauphin County Library System Spotlight


Dauphin County Library System is currently training seven employees to form a Creative Community of Care to broaden already-established outreach networks with the elders in their county. Hear from Marla Cattermole and Emily Anderson of Dauphin County Library System as they reflect on what TimeSlips means to them.

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Certified Facilitator Spotlight: Margaret Edinburgh


Today we spotlight Margaret Edinburgh, TimeSlips Certified Facilitator and Founder of Yellow Rose Strong Oak Society, in Kennesaw, Georgia. We asked Margaret some questions about how TimeSlips has effected her work.

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Making Connections in an Isolated World


Since April 2021, TimeSlips artists have engaged in creative conversations by telephone with 40 elders from the Central and Northeastern regions of Wisconsin. This online celebration marks the conclusion of this Tele-Stories project, and will share heartfelt stories from the calls as well as beautiful artwork inspired by elder caller participants. Read below as Project Lead and Milwaukee-based artist, Cris Siqueira, shares her perspectives on the beautiful answers that came from these artistic connections with elders.

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Connecting During COVID-19


A conversation with Kathy Hawkins, led by Arthi Kozhumam.

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Certified Facilitator Spotlight: Teresa Hunt


Today we share a guest blog from Teresa Hunt, a Certified Facilitator who is making change in her community by continuing to facilitate engagement, only now, through a screen. "Even though we haven’t seen each in person since last March, we have found a way to keep a personal connection."

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Of Time and Squeaky Markers: The Story of The Words of the Week


TimeSlips Founder, Anne Basting, writes about an unexpected creative pursuit that she did with some markers, her front window, and lots of words. 

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Certified Facilitator Spotlight: Mollie Heiden


Today we spotlight Mollie Heiden, TimeSlips Certified Facilitator and Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at the Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix, Arizona, in the Advanced Dementia Unit. We asked Mollie some questions about how she's been able to pivot with the demands of COVID-19, and find new ways to engage with the elders she works with.

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Singing a New Song in Pandemic Time


This blog was written by the author of Dementia-Friendly Communities: Why We Need Them and How We Can Create Them, Susan McFadden.

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Small Actions Can Have a Large Impact


This guest blog was written by Allie Kandt, a student in Colorado that has gone above and beyond to help others through her thoughtful actions.

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Building Connections from Afar


Read this guest blog post from longtime TimeSlips friend and Certified Facilitator, Luca Carli, from Florence, Italy, about his meaningful experience with the postcard iniative. 

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Get Engaged! Introducing the TimeSlips Engagement Parties


Introducing the TimeSlips Engagement Parties - informal and joyful gatherings for those who want to learn how to engage with a friend, family member, or neighbor who might be lonely, frail, or experiencing memory loss. 

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A Leap of (Virtual) Faith


Students in Durham, North Carolina, and their professor, artist and professor Sarah Wilbur, PhD., will move you on an exciting journey into the virtual world of elder collaboration and the complexities inherent to adapting this exciting program to a la 2020. 

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From the Student Perspective: TimeSlips NextGen


Western Kentucky University student, Cameron Fontes, reflects on his year of learning with TimeSlips.

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25 Years Worth of Stories


Over the last two years, I looked back at 25 years of work with this lens of thickened emotion.  It was an incredible journey - to revisit and write about incredibly moving experiences with elders and artists and caregivers, and to look at my parents as they, who have watched my work evolve, entered this same space. I continued to learn as I observed them. And I am humbled by the experience. 

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The People We Love


Angela Swan's "The People We Love" visual quilt is a balm for anxious times. Learn how to create your own.  

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5 Ways to Connect with Elders in the Time of Covid19


“What can I do to help?” I’m getting this question a lot right now. As someone who has worked to integrate the arts into long-term care for the last 20 years, suddenly there is a powerful need for the meaning, joy, and connection they can bring.  But how? Here are some ideas for those of us with elder family members or who just want to be of help. 

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Let Lockdowns Spur Creative Solutions in Care


Yes, And. It is the core philosophy of TimeSlips. And it is what this moment calls us to do.

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The Birth of the Righteous League


This is my story about how my 18 month journey with The Righteous League began with just one question.  

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Thank You!


It is Thanks-giving time...we at TimeSlips have two huge thank yous to give: Kate Britton and Susan McFadden, who guided us with such generous spirits and exquisite expertise. 

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Coming Full Circle in the Service of Others


When I stood up at the school awards day as a shy eighth-grader receiving the outstanding service award, I really didn't know what service meant. Fast-forward 30+ years: my family's involvement in the Armed Forces became the catalyst for my own life work. Now I see service in action, with color, sound, and shape from one human-being-as-artist to another.  

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Bringing Creative Engagement Home


I spent years considering how a paid caregiver spends her day in a client’s home. They carefully follows our agency’s care plan: preparing and serving meals, assisting with a bath and dressing, accompanying the client out for a walk or shopping or going to an appointment, doing laundry, keeping the environment clean and neat, reminding the client to take her medications as the doctor ordered.  The day goes by accomplishing these basic and very important tasks. But I felt that something was missing – a richer, more meaningful interaction between the caregiver and the client – something beyond accomplishing the tasks in the care plan.  

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Using Creativity to Connect with Under-Connected Seniors by Phone


The week before, we were strangers, unaware of one another. This week, we are phone pals, creating stories and poems together. There is a warmth in her voice as she greets me, and it is as if we've been friends for some time. We may only talk for thirty minutes a week, but we cherish that time together.

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What a Year it Has Been for TimeSlips!


TimeSlips Founder, Anne Basting, looks back at a wonderful year, packed with big acheivements and exciting changes. Learn more about the new things happening at TimeSlips, and learn how you can help!

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TimeSlips: More Than an Activity


When I was just a senior in high school, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I struggled with the news at first, but after a pivotal meeting with a professor of mine, TimeSlips founder Anne Basting, I was given hope. Once exposed to the beautiful world of TimeSlips, I quickly realized that it was much more than a fun activity to do.

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Care Homes as Cultural Centers - What Does that Mean?


The I Won't Grow Up Project is a collaboration between TimeSlips and Signature Health Care to transform 12 rural nursing homes into cultural centers. What does that mean exactly? A cultural center is a place that promotes the creation and expression of culture and the arts. It is a place where communities come together and bond in the process of articulating the world as they imagine it. It is a place of value and meaning. It isn't easy. But it is, most often, a place of celebration of human skills, dreams, and visions. Could we really do that in a nursing home? 

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Not Lost


Do you ever feel like you've lost a loved one with dementia?  I sure did.  But I learned that it doesn't have to be that way.   

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Ready, Set, Launch!


Goodness, this massive web platform overhaul was a mammoth undertaking for our tiny TimeSlips team. It’s been a parade of meetings with web developers, designers, branding experts, illustrators, animators, stakeholders, instructional designers, filmmakers and evaluation consultants. But after 14 months, we are thrilled to be bring out our new look, feel and functionality.

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