Author: Mary Schuler

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From the Desk of Andrew Morton

As the TimeSlips community continues to grow, we’re introducing you to each of our team members and highlighting the work that benefits YOUR creative engagement. From managing myriad details of member requests, creating content for communications, to individual training and large-scale organizational partnerships, these are the faces behind the TimeSlips team. It’s our joy to get to know you, and for you to get to know us!

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25 Years Worth of Stories

Over the last two years, I looked back at 25 years of work with this lens of thickened emotion.  It was an incredible journey – to revisit and write about incredibly moving experiences with elders and artists and caregivers, and to look at my parents as they, who have watched my work evolve, entered this same space. I continued to learn as I observed them. And I am humbled by the experience. 

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