Author: Nicole Garneau

Nicole is an interdisciplinary artist making site-specific performance and project art. Her book Performing Revolutionary: Art, Action, Activism was published in 2018 by Intellect Books and released at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Her work has been supported by the Living Copenhagen Artist Residency, Live Art Development Agency of the UK, Alternate ROOTS, the Illinois Arts Council, the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, and Kentucky Foundation for Women. She is an active member of Alternate ROOTS and an Appalachian Teaching Artist Fellow. She is a Certified Trainer with TimeSlips Creative Storytelling, and was forever changed by her experience manifesting wildly creative projects in rural Kentucky nursing homes in collaboration with staff and residents in 2018-2019. Originally from Chicago, she now resides in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, where she nurtures a multi-year collaboration with Clear Creek Creative. She teaches at Eastern Kentucky University, makes theater in non-traditional settings, facilitates meetings, throws parties, and does healing work. Photo credit: Christa Holka, 2020

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