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Bringing Creative Engagement Home

I spent years considering how a paid caregiver spends her day in a client’s home. They carefully follows our agency’s care plan: preparing and serving meals, assisting with a bath and dressing, accompanying the client out for a walk or shopping or going to an appointment, doing laundry, keeping the environment clean and neat, reminding the client to take her medications as the doctor ordered.  The day goes by accomplishing these basic and very important tasks. But I felt that something was missing – a richer, more meaningful interaction between the caregiver and the client – something beyond accomplishing the tasks in the care plan.  

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Care Homes as Cultural Centers – What Does that Mean?

The I Won’t Grow Up Project is a collaboration between TimeSlips and Signature Health Care to transform 12 rural nursing homes into cultural centers. What does that mean exactly? A cultural center is a place that promotes the creation and expression of culture and the arts. It is a place where communities come together and bond in the process of articulating the world as they imagine it. It is a place of value and meaning. It isn’t easy. But it is, most often, a place of celebration of human skills, dreams, and visions. Could we really do that in a nursing home? 

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