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Student Artists in Residence (SAIR)

Student Artists in Residence (SAIR) This playful, two-hour online training explores the meaning of creativity and creative engagement; aging, ageism and dementia; and how to practice the TimeSlips method. With the training, you get access to an online toolkit of support materials to help make your service-learning experience successful! A super-brief survey opens and closes...
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TimeSlips for Friends & Family

TimeSlips for Friends & Family This training, which takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, will provide you with an introduction to TimeSlips and creative engagement and show you how to weave creativity into your daily life to create meaningful moments of connection.
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TimeSlips Training & Certification

TimeSlips Training & Certification This engaging, two-hour online training enables you to stop and start at your convenience. An array of TimeSlips Certified Trainers share stories of their experiences with the method in one-on-one and group settings, from home settings to skilled care. Videos capture the magic of creative engagement unfolding. After the 6 short...
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