Creative Community of Care Spotlight: Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary

TimeSlips’ Engagement Coordinator, Kathy Hawkins, recently had the opportunity to “chat” with Ali Cada, Director of Adult Day & Creative Programs, and Charmaine Gumabay, Wellness Coordinator of the Club 36 Adult Day Programs, TimeSlips Certified Facilitators doing amazing work for Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary. Read on for more information about how an organization can partner with multiple organizations and schools in their community using TimeSlips’ evidence-based and award-winning techniques. 

Kathy: How does TimeSlips integrate into the existing support you have for your elders and their families?
Ali: Timeslips is one of the highlights of our intergenerational programs. It is one of the creative programs that we offer to Club 36 members (dementia clients) to create meaningful moments and positive experiences. 

Kathy: How many staff have been trained in your community so far?
Ali: Ten staff within the Club 36 Adult Day Program have been trained as TimeSlips Certified Facilitators. Through the creative campus, we have extended our trainings to other health care professionals within the community: five community partners from Story Share Alberta (two are taking the training), one nursing instructor from University of Alberta is one session away from getting certified, and one ADP community partner certified. Three others are in the process of getting certified. 

Kathy: What departments have really taken hold of this work?  
Ali: As the Director of Club 36, I take responsibility in the overall delivery and training of TimeSlips with the amazing support of Charmaine (she can take over my role someday).

Kathy: If it’s one thing you LOVE about TimeSlips, what is it? (One sentence, please):  
Ali: Infinite imagination and creativity, meaningful connection and lots of chuckles and giggles.

Kathy: What are three words to describe your role in TimeSlips?
Ali: “Make It Happen.”

Kathy: Who are some of the community partners you work with using TimeSlips? 
Ali: Story Share Alberta, University of Calgary, Mount Royal University and other local ADP’s in the city.

Kathy: If money was no object, what would be an ultimate celebration of the TimeSlips program for your organization?
Ali: Grand launching of the ANIMATED Stories created by ‘storytellers’ with the media and family and friends and the community present.