Memory Camp Event Image

NEW AS A VIRTUAL EVENT THIS YEAR! Memory Camp Found Art Project: Create your own found art sculpture.

You are invited to participate in the Memory Camp Found Art Project. Memory Camp is an annual sleep away camp for people with the lived experience of dementia and their families. It takes place at Moon Beach in St. Germain, Wisconsin. Memory Camp is organized by John and Susan McFadden. The Managing Directors are Phoebe Spier and Eric Olsen, United Church Camps, Outdoor Ministry. Sophia Svetnicka is the designer and Outreach Director. This year, as we are not able to meet in person, for what would have been the 3rd year, we are organizing a Memory Camp event to take place on-line, Saturday, September 12th, 2pm EDT. (Please stay tuned for Zoom info.) The event will be a mix of live Zoom and pre-recorded videos and images. Info on how to watch will be forthcoming.

How can I participate? Great question! You are encouraged to create your own found art sculpture. Info on how to do that will beincluded in an information packet. The full flyer can also be found here:

We ask that once you create your artwork, you take two photographs. One of just the art work. A second photograph of the artwork with you the artist/s included. Please email the photographs to Gary Glazner, Memory Camp, Poet-in-Residence at: Your artwork will be included in the Memory Camp live event!

For more information please write to Susan McFadden at: Find more info about Moon Beach at: