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Join Program Manager Andrew Morton and some special guests for a review of our FREE resources for Friends & Family caregivers and to hear examples of how members of our Creative Care network are using these resources in their communities. During this webinar you will also hear more about new membership opportunities with TimeSlips, including the free individual membership level which gives members access to these helpful resources.


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  1. I am 88 years old and my PCP has recommended that I not drive my car. I ignore this advice regarding driving within my small rural home town but have two caregivers who drive me in my car outside of town.most of the time.

    My problem is that the two do not get along together.

    One of them is my “Best Friend,” who is 72 years old. She and I are both widowed and our friendship has grown over 5 or 6 years since the passing of my wife of 61 years.. We have agreed that marriage would be too complicating. We have however made pledges and adopted friendship rings on our right hands while keeping existing wedding rings on our left. We both have kept the home we shared with our deceased spouses, but she spends much of her time at my home. Most days she has breakfast and supper with me. She and her third and last husband had invested significantly in two travel time share membership/owner. His passing made maintenance of the ownerships very difficult for her, but the passing of my very ill wife left me able to assist my “Best Friend” We do a considerable amount of vacation travel.

    The other caregiver is my 65 year old son. He formerly was a live-in care giver for an elderly cerebral palsy patient. After 9 years of service, John died about 3 years ago and my son inherited the van and most of the content of John’s home. He and John has formed a very strong bond and my son suffered great grief at his passing. after about a year disposing of John’s goods and seeking new employment he drove the 5 hours to “visit” with me.After long discussion, we concluded that we could each help the other. He now lives in his van parked in my back yard supported by amenities in my house.

    The problem warrants it’s own comment.

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