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We already do improvisational storytelling in my facility. How is TimeSlips’ training different?

We often hear people say “We’re already doing that…” but when we ask a few questions, we hear, “well, maybe not…” Here’s a handy checklist:

  • Are you creating a ritual process and a special event?
  • Are you accepting and validating every answer?
  • Are you inviting and including gestures, sounds, and “non-sensical” answers?
  • Are you asking open-ended (“Beautiful”) questions?
  • Are you echoing all responses to be sure you’re getting them right?
  • Are you inviting and affirming multiple forms of expression (sounds, gesture, image, words)?
  • Are you having fun?
  • Are you connecting deeply with residents?
  • Are you sharing the stories beyond your group?
  • Are you engaging and building on the creativity of staff, families, volunteers and elders?
  • If not…your organization could truly benefit from building community through creative engagement. Learn more about becoming a Creative Community of Care.