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What does the certification process look like if a student goes through training and facilitating sessions as part of a course?

Certification is pretty simple. We ask that they facilitate a minimum of 3 sessions; post the resulting stories to the Creativity Center on our website, and then complete our Self Evaluation form. If someone from your Creative Campus is trained as an In House Trainer, the Self Evaluation form will show up in the students tasks. When they complete it, the In House Trainer will get notification that it needs to be reviewed. They can comment on the Self Evaluation and either send it back to the student for some discussion or simply approve it which will complete the certification process. If your Creative Campus does not have an In House Trainer, the student will need to purchase certification on our Products page and will go through the same process but will be assigned to TimeSlips Certified Trainer/staff member to go through the review process with instead of someone internal in your Creative Campus.