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Where does the name TimeSlips come from?

From our Founder, Anne Basting:

“In 1998, I received a grant for a project called “The Interactive, Intergenerational Storytelling Project with People with Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia.”  Well, as you might imagine, that was a bit of a mouthful. I needed a name that captured the essence of what we were doing – poetically, so that we inspired people to take a step into imagination.  TimeSlips captured the non-linear quality of the stories. We were simultaneously in the past, the present and the future – imagining yet always drawing on the past. I called the first play that I wrote inspired by stories told by elders with dementia TimeSlips in 1998, and it has been the name ever since.

I also liked that it evoked the idea of a boat slip, as in TS Eliot’s poem, Dry Salvages (part of the Four Quartets), which explores the power of time (larger than all of us) and the journey through life as being like a slowly leaking boat.  But that’s pretty esoteric!”