This page is designed to support those looking to create meaningful moments with and for people with memory loss. Here you will find resources for families and friends, students, and professional care providers working with elders one-on-one or in group settings.

We aim to inspire and connect people as they work to provide compassionate care - Join the Creative Care Revolution!

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TimeSlips believes that by 1) nurturing communication and relationships and 2) creating value, meaning and purpose through creative engagement, we can improve the quality of life of elders and the circle of care that surrounds them - family, friends and care teams.

Multiple studies attest to the power of TimeSlips to improve:

  • well being
  • communication
  • affect/pleasure
  • relationships between staff and residents with dementia
  • attitudes toward aging and people with dementia

Here are just a few studies:

1.  Fritsch et. al 2009
(This 20 nursing home,experimental design study suggests that over 10 weeks, creative storytelling can improve affect, communication and relationships between staff and residents).

2. George et. al 2011
(This study
finds that medical students who facilitate creative storytelling with people with dementia improve their attitudes about aging and dementia.)

3. Phillips et al. 2010
This study, a quasi-experimental design, found that creative storytelling significantly increased pleasure and communication among participating elders with dementia.

4. George and Houser, 2014
This study is a themed analysis of semi-structured interviews with participants and care staff about the impact of creative storytelling. Results show specific benefits for residents (increased creativity, improved quality of life, positively altered behavior, and involvement in meaningful activity), staff members (learning new practices, developing a deeper understanding of residents, involvement in meaningful activity, and thinking creatively around programmatic challenges), and the nursing home community (nurturing relationships and improved atmosphere).

5. Bahlke et al 2012
This quasi experimental design looked at changes in communicative output in people in late stage Alzheimer's and found positive changes and maintained or improved quality of life. "Implementing a creative expression program such as TimeSlips for thos ein the middle to late stages of dementia improves social connedtedness and communicative interactions." 

TimeSlips is listed on the AHRQ Healthcare Innovations Exchange.  Read that summary here.


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Stage Right

Stage Right is one of our most playful TimeSlips programs, in which seniors of all abilities create, rehearse, and perform original musicals. It's all about creative collaboration. Learn more HERE


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 We no longer have this video available, but click on the image above to view the slides.