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From the Desk of Angela Fingard

As the TimeSlips community continues to grow, we’re introducing you to each of our team members and highlighting the work that benefits YOUR creative engagement. From managing myriad details of member requests, creating content for communications, to individual training and large-scale organizational partnerships, these are the faces behind the TimeSlips team. It’s our joy to get to know you, and for you to get to know us!

This week we would like to introduce you to Angela Fingard.

What’s your role at TimeSlips?  
I am the Program Director overseeing the creation & implementation of all programs.

How and why did you get involved in this work?
In 2010, after a dozen years in non-profit development and leadership coaching, I was enjoying my work, but was not feeling connected with the impact the organizations were making. In my personal life I was a caregiver of someone living with a mental illness and I found there was a deep disconnect between my personal and professional life. The stress of living a “split life” encouraged me to seek out opportunities to work in the field of mental health advocacy to mend the disconnect. I found that possible in TimeSlips – plus so much more! With TimeSlips I found that inviting the creativity of neurodiverse people not only helped to reduce stigma, but really celebrated individuals for being exactly who they are! This was exciting for me as it was so deeply aligned with my value of inclusivity.  

What is a unique benefit of working with TimeSlips that people may not realize? 
What struck me most early on by TimeSlips method, was how being creative in caregiving really helped to refuel me and deepen my connection with my care partner. I would love for people to know the power of creativity in care relationships, and frankly, all relationships. Embracing creativity as a way of being is transformative. 

This notion of the value of creativity carries through beyond our methodology to the entire TimeSlips team’s way of engaging with others. We are super creative in all aspects of our lives! I am a theater director and use improv daily to parent my children – LOL – others on the team play music, sing, act, write, make pottery and cook. This creativity is alive and well while we collaborate, brainstorm and improvise solutions to challenges of all sizes, and we are able to feel the value we add daily. 

This is our secret sauce! Members who take full advantage of our Certified Trainers’ coaching, find new ways of approaching their caregiving and feel refueled by using creative engagement, not just during a scheduled program, but in daily interactions. We have a treasure trove of experience implementing creative engagement in a variety of settings and are able to deeply listen to members and coach them on how they may best bring this level of meaningful engagement to their unique situations.

What would be your perfect day off?
Oh, that’s simple. Any day I can spend in nature being active with my husband and our two children – hiking, skiing, swimming, anything! – and then wind down the day with friends, music and a bonfire. That is a truly joyful day filled with laughter and love!