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FREE Film Feature

Join us on a journey as TimeSlips’ founder, Anne Basting, in collaboratin with Sojourn Theater, work with residents of a nursing home to take on the retelling of Homer’s Odyssey.

From the makers of the film at 371 Productions: What happens when they decide to “throw out the bingo boards and take on the Odyssey instead? Penelope: The Documentary tells the story of how residents, some with severe dementia or wheel-chair bound… create “Finding Penelope”, a play reinterpreting Homer’s Odyssey to tell it from Penelope’s point of view. As we learned, some heroes stay at home!

The film is a beautiful exploration of how the residents, actors and students collaborated, from reading the Odyssey together to learning Greek and eventually putting on a professional play featuring scenes all over the nursing home and an audience of over 400 moving through the space. Whether you want to be entertained, you work with older adults, you’re an artist or you are looking for your own adventure — you’ll love Penelope.”

Many thanks to 371 for making this film accessible for FREE through the end of June. Visit this 371 news archive for more information or watch the Penelope preview here and use code “Sunshine” to watch the full feature for free.

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