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TimeSlips Board & Staff Updates

Behind all of the visible work that TimeSlips offers to its communities, there are people who take on the very real work of guidance, financial and mentorship support, as well as fiduciary responsibilities. These are TimeSlips’ board members. As we look to the end of 2021, TimeSlips is saying goodbye to two valued board members as their terms expire, and welcoming three new board members to the TimeSlips’ community.

Phyllis Brostoff served on TimeSlips executive committee during a time of tremendous change. Phyllis has been there since the beginning, and watched the organization and the board transform from a small group to a much larger one; a complex transition and one she helped guide through her clear thinking and direct approach. All of her work will help ensure the long-term success of the organization. Phyllis’s tenure saw the organization’s expansion into a multi-state, multi-country organization, representing a huge step forward for TimeSlips. Phyllis served on the board for her full three terms, starting in 2015, and as Treasurer for five years. She is highly regarded by all within the TimeSlips community for her understanding of the needs of organizations supporting caregivers, and has promised that though she has termed off from the board, she will always be available for advisory calls, and for that, we’re grateful.

Dan Kuhn steps down from the board and role of Secretary after having served his full three terms as well. Like Phyllis, Dan has witnessed and helped implement tremendous organizational changes during his tenure. Dan brought to every board conversation a deep understanding of what it meant to be a personal caregiver for individuals living with dementia, and a generosity that is unmatched. We will miss his keen insights, and willingness to ensure that TimeSlips is part of every conversation he has in the field — though we imagine that will continue even as he completes his final board term.

As two members term off from our board, we’re also happy to welcome three new board members to our team! MT Connolly, Dhruv Gami, and Grant Johnson.

Marie-Therese (MT) Connolly is a lawyer who draws on a blend of legal, policy, and legislative skills to combat the largely hidden but immense problem of elder abuse and mistreatment. She has devoted her career to laying bare the many forms of elder abuse: physical and psychological, as well as financial exploitation and wrongful deprivation of rights. As the former director of the Department of Justice’s Elder Justice and Nursing Home Initiative, “MT” developed new legal theories of liability and novel investigation and litigation strategies that overcame loopholes in federal statutes and led to successful prosecution of cases of abuse and neglect in nursing homes. MT was instrumental in the drafting and passage of the Elder Justice Act, the first piece of federal legislation to address the issue specifically. Currently writing for general audiences about the complex issues surrounding abuse and neglect, MT is a leading voice in efforts to prevent the suffering of older adults and ensure that elder abuse becomes a priority on the national agenda. MT is a MacArthur Fellow, class of 2011. 

Dhruv Gami, technology strategy consultant, advises large companies on the best ways to adopt new technologies and make meaningful advances in their business objectives. He leads the Strategy Consulting practice at Smartronix and has helped clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to universities and large nonprofits. Prior to his consulting role, “Gami” led the technology department for the U.S. Green Building Council, and volunteered with TimeSlips to help us develop a technology structure for online training. Gami appreciates the creativity required by nonprofits to stretch their limited resources, and volunteers for numerous initiatives including, Hopkins House and the Girl Scouts.

A marketing strategist and nationally recognized thought leader, Grant Johnson is president and CEO of Responsory, a creative, multichannel marketing agency. He is a sought-after public speaker, direct marketing trainer, award-winning author and consultant. Grant joins the TimeSlips board having served on multiple boards for organizations connected to health and safety, and with a passion for community service. Grant’s marketing skills will help to inform TimeSlips’ work as we grow our membership and outreach to individuals and organizations. 

TimeSlips could not exist without the dedication and service of its volunteer board members. With great gratitude, we thank Phyllis Brostoff and Dan Kuhn for their immense contributions to our success, and welcome Gami, MT and Grant. They are the heroes who make TimeSlips’ everyday work possible.

With this newsletter, we are also saying farewell to Carol Varney, who has served as TimeSlips’ executive director for nearly two years. Carol helped us to build an infrastructure that will serve the organization well in the coming years, and helped us develop strategic priorities to best support our community. We are happy to report that as Carol shifts out of her role, Kate Britton, TimeSlips’ former Operations Director, will be coming back part-time as our Managing Director, ensuring a smooth leadership transition.

Thank you to all of our community who help to make TimeSlips a support for caregivers and those living with dementia. Our collective work to revolutionize caregiving and make creative engagement commonplace for all can only happen when we all come together, and we’re lucky to have so many working with us to realize that vision.

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