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TimeSlips combats social isolation through remote engagement this holiday season

The holiday season is a wonderful time to be with family. However, we can’t always be with those we love in-person. At TimeSlips, we provide creative communication techniques that deepen feelings of meaningful connection between care partners and those they care for.

The easiest way to integrate our techniques into everyday conversations is by asking Beautiful Questions. We have found that these questions help us go beyond small talk and can act as a way to learn about your loved one in a new way, while helping you feel close to those you cannot be near. These prompts are very easy to use over the phone, in-person, or via snail mail.

Listen to TimeSlips Program Manager, Sam Goodrich, facilitate a meaningful and heartfelt connection with her Aunt, Eleanor Austin Guilbert, using the Beautiful Question: “How do you give thanks?”

Are you able to use video calling with your loved one? If so, we encourage you to try using visual prompts from our Creativity Center, or Imagination Kit, to facilitate a fun group activity from afar.

Watch TimeSlips Communications Coordinator, Maureen Smith, facilitate a meaningful and heartfelt connection with her Grandpa, Richard Smith, using one of the Creative Prompts from the TimeSlips Imagination Kit!

Want more tips on how to use TimeSlips with family and loved ones? Sign up for our FREE Basic Membership to access our Friends and Family training module and other free resources. If you’re already signed up, please consider forwarding this to someone in your life who could benefit from these techniques!

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