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TimeSlips Spring Festival

With 2021 in full swing, TimeSlips wants to Spring Forward with Creative Engagement. Welcome to our Spring Festival! This flowery fete in April 2021 will include continued inspiration and resources to help you engage. Even through partial re-openings and vaccination roll-outs, meaning-making for elders and those with disability are our continued focus.

“We felt it was really important to continue highlighting the creative work being done around the world using TimeSlips’ engagement methods,” said Carol Varney, TimeSlips’ Executive Director. “Every community has a different level of vaccination, varying levels of Covid-19 cases, and multiple additional factors that continue to impact our ability to connect in person. Creative engagement in the arts and healthcare continues to be challenging, so everyone should have access to these resources as we all grow through these shifting realities.”

The TimeSlips Spring Festival, which is free, will showcase:

  • A recent partnership with #activities-strong and Linked Senior
  • The debut of a brand-new TimeSlips’ resource coming soon from HarperCollins
  • Founder and CEO Anne Basting’s work in the field as she shares lessons learned in the last year with special guest panelists
  • Students at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and their experience as Student-Artists-in-Residence (SAIR)
  • Duke University students sharing how they are working with Dementia Inclusive Durham and the shift in their perspective as they work with elders, especially at the height of the pandemic.

Please note: All of the webinars listed below will have live captioning available.

TimeSlips Support for Friends and Family Caregivers
April 8th from 12-1 CST, 1-2 EST

Friends and family members of elders and those living with cognitive differences are invited to join TimeSlips’ Andrew Morton to learn how to support family and friends in using TimeSlips tools for engagement. Andrew will share simple engagement methods to help you facilitate and integrate positive moments of engagement into your daily care routine. By learning more about TimeSlips Engagement Parties and using the simple toolkit of resources, participants will also be able to host their own online (or in-person) Engagement Party to better support those caring for elders in their family or community.

Register here.

TimeSlips Pandemic Engagement 2.0
April 15th from 12-1 CST, 1-2 EST

In March of 2020, life as we knew it ceased to exist. As care communities closed their doors to visitors, and caregivers were separated from those for whom they cared, TimeSlips launched a series of virtual resources for our community. But when the TimeSlips community took up the challenge of remote (or safely distanced) engagement, we all learned what physical limitations could bring to creative life. Join a panel conversation led by TimeSlips Founder, Anne Basting, as she engages TimeSlips facilitators from around the world, learning from them how they have kept creativity and joy alive for more than a year, and what they’re planning next.

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TimeSlips Creative Resource Toolkit Showcase
April 22nd from 3-4 CST, 4-5 EST

In this 45-minute presentation, TimeSlips team members Sam Goodrich and Andrew Morton will share a series of virtual as well as tangible resources and products that you can use to creatively engage with your community. Starting with the Shine Your Light project, developed for Linked Senior, and including new products about to be launched by TimeSlips, this session will provide participants with specific resources to support their role as caregiver.

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Student Artists-in-Residence: University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
April 27th from 5-6 CST, 6-7 EST

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Artists-in-Residence, or SAIRs, were undaunted by Covid-19. Though safety precautions made it necessary for changes to be made in how they engaged with elder communities with whom they worked, students were able to connect in new and creative ways from which we can all learn. Join TimeSlips Founder, Anne Basting, as she introduces us to the UWM students who overcame the odds and continue to work with seniors as well as neurodiverse communities in creative ways.

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Project Spotlight: Dementia Inclusive Durham and Duke University Students
April 29th from 2-3 CST, 3-4 EST

If you could positively impact your life and others just by asking a beautiful question, would you? TimeSlips team member Kathy Hawkins sits down with Duke University students Arthi Kozhumam, Autumn Blamoville and Andrew Shin as they share how their lives have been impacted through their virtual engagement with elders in Durham County, North Carolina. The transformation will inspire anyone to connect more deeply in 2021.

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