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They are in somebody's home. Yes, that is what it looks like. In the evening. It looks pretty dark.

It's summer. She has shorts on or some kind of a dress. He has his shirt sleeves rolled up and he doesn't have...(Read More)
Baduk is a boy on the left and Mung is a girl on the right (with the red scarf). They are a couple and have known each other for a long time. 

Baduk asked, "Have you eaten?" and he said, "I love you!"...(Read More)
The singer of Bob Cody jumping around, playing his guitar and singing for the people of Irvine. The people loved to dance to the wonderful sounds of his music. He sang the fan favourite, Old Cowboy. 

Edna was...(Read More)

Sammy has a big smile on his face because he has a frog next to him with something in its mouth, we think it is a small fish.

He’s the nicest little boy with a tan and short brown hair and with very nice teeth...(Read More)

Crossing the river "Van." The man's name is Jim. Jim is walking to the other side of the river and he's being very successful. He is walking very straight and steady and good. The weather was gorgeous that day...(Read More)
There's a bunch of girls in a choir. They are all really nervous because they are about to sing for a crowd that is very large. A church group is attending top watch. The group is singing for God. They are all...(Read More)