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The little dog (Spot) asked the big dog (Butch) if he wants to play. Right now they are at a red light. They on their way to the park, with their owners. The dogs cant wait to get rid of their owners at the park...(Read More)
Paco y Lucy se han encontrado de paseoEllos son dos perros vecinosPaco reconoce el olor a talco de LucySe miran con mucho cariñoSaben que el encuentro sera fugaz porque durara lo que dura el cambio de...(Read More)
There was three little boys out in the desert. There was John, James, and Adam. They're having an exciting time at Desert Storm. They found water after being lost for almost a week! They were originally on a...(Read More)
They’re on a boat. In San Francisco. They’re on a ship way down where I used to go all the time, somewhere near LA. It’s so beautiful. They’re off the coast, in Long Beach. In Montreal, Canada. My father sent me...(Read More)
By the storytellers of Restorying Lives Project - ZejtunHe's a nice boy - imma xejn speċjali. Joqgħod Tas Sliema jew il belt Valletta - ommi minn Bormla, imma Skoċċiża (Scottish).Dan ir-raġel jismu Brubaker,...(Read More)
The child is very young. He has some trouble finding something. He's looking for something, or someone special. His father (to the boy) is named "Dad". The boy can talk and he can walk, he's 4 years old. Where's...(Read More)
In the snow, in the Alps. Based on his the snow, in the Alps. Their sure not in the Alps! I think their farmed. He's farming with a dog.Hans is the man. I'm going to look at the man. There are no...(Read More)
They are children. They are having fun. They look like boys. Their names are John, Noah, Mark, and Sam. It looks like there are four children. It looks like they are having fun, they have a smile. It looks like...(Read More)
He stole a cookie and is eating. He is a son. Michael, he is 9 years old. Have you ever seen that dog? His long face told him to go away and he decided to come back.Michael got caught munching on the cookies...(Read More)
At the park, in the park in California, Roseville "OH Roseville!" Summer in June... probably August its warm... Anniversary Tom and Barbara...they will go August 19th, so I want you to.People made food we need to...(Read More)
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There's two mice,a cat, and a fish. I think one might be a squirrel. I see a mouse with a hat on, a cat with a hat on, and a fish in front of him. The big one is a squirrel and the small one is a mouse. He says, "look what I caught." A...(Read More)
Bob is delivering the mail. Its wintertime, maybe its Christmas. The wreath looks like a Christmas wreath. Bob is happy, he has a smile on his face. He is bringing cards and packages to John and Silvia. They live in Troy, New York at the...(Read More)
The ReunionThey are at a family reunion on a farm. It’s a whole family, a mother and 6 daughters., Muriel, Kathy, Betty, Sandra, Barbara, Bitsey, and Patsy. They are a music group that play for others and will be entertaining for everyone....(Read More)