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Playing games with Marcella and Betty

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The two girls are Marcella and Betty. They are at Potowotami playing games. They look happy. They are feeling lucky. They are having some fun. They are big spenders, two wealthy ladies. They are both married and their husbands are working. They wish they could go somewhere else. (Nancy) They might be gay. They are shooting craps. They are feeling lucky and have won alot. The people around them want them to go out and have a drink. They are mad though that they are winning all the time. They are high rollers who are doing well. Pretty soon they are going to take their winnings and maybe going home to meet their husbands or go out to have a drink and meet different men. They are going out for Chinese food. After dinner they are going to the movies and dancing with their husbands. They have a family and their kids are all grown up. They are criminal gamblers who are trying to cheat the house. They do it at other casinos to and pick up men. They are slick. (Eddie)Next they are going to go to Las Vegas. They might go to see Elvis. They might go to the sands.