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Dogs are people to

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The dog on the left is named Nancy. The dog on the right is named Elvis. They dogs are trying to make a date. They want to have a date to go to the movies. Eddie is driving Nancy and Alfreda is driving Elvis. They are going to the park to watch a dog show. After they are going to the cemetary to meet their friends. They are nice dogs. The dogs are going to go out to eat. They are going to eat McDonalds. They are going to eat hamburgers with cheese, mustard, lettuce, and mayo. Elvis wants onions on his, but Nancy can't have onions. Nancy can't have onions because she had her bladder removed. They are going to have water. They knew each other before the date. It is summer time. They are in Milwaukee. They are going to a romance show. They are going to see Lady and the Tramp.