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communing with nature

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This person has just lost their spouse. They were only married less than 5 months. The spouse was diagnosed with Leukemia 2 weeks after their honeymoon and died a day short of their 5 month wedding anniversary. This person is in Utah. The living spouse moved far away from all family and friends. Had to start over. Re-create themselves. The dog is a new companion. It's name is Champ. The person and their spouse always joked they were going to have a pet chicken and name it "Champ". That never happened. The person and the dog are hiking in the canyons of Northern Utah. It's their day off. The person is from the East coast. They don't have a destination in mind. They'll just hike til it feels right. Then they'll get some nice food to make a special dinner, with wine. The forest is clean and earthy and comfortable. It is very quiet and peaceful. The person feels closest to their dead spouse in places like this.