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A Surprise

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Orville the mailperson. So he is sorting out the mail to put in the slot. He's making sure he has the right packages for the house. He is happy and thinking about the people that will be getting it. He could be in upstate New York or anywhere. We think this is a box of candy. To celebrate a birthday or Christmas.

The snow is crunching and you can hear paper tearing and maybe the mailman is laughing. We think there is Christmas music playing in the house. We think this package is being delivered to Mayor Bob. Mayor Bob and his family are happy to get this package and they are now feeling hungry.

Mailman has to see where is next delivery is, but would like to be invited in to share the loot! There might be fighting over who is going to open the package. We think that maybe the mailman is helping out Santa, because he has a lot of packages yet.