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I smell a rat!

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That's Mabel and Sue.
Sue is the one who is laughing.
Mabel is Sue's aunt. Or she is her daughter.
One thing for sure, Sue knows Mabel because she is laughing.
Mabel is mad at Sue.
She's mad because Sue is giving the game away.
They are playing poker.
Mabel had a good poker face.
This is from the game last week at the senior center.
Or maybe it's from casino night.
Las Vegas here we come!
Atlantic City. We can take a bus....varrrroooooooommmm!
I don't know who is there. I can't see anyone else.
Joe is handing out the cards.
Mabel is cheating. Ha ha ha ha!
You aren't allowed to eat in the senior center living room. That's where they are.
Maybe someone will sneak some in.
Cookies and M&M's.
Mabel wins the money.
It's a hundred dollars.
Wow! That's alot.
She is going to buy a new purse with it, so she can put the money in it.
Maybe she will bring the refreshments next time.
That could be the rule. Whoever wins has to buy for