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Gonna Git a Lickin'

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Boy's got himself in the cookie jar.
Johnny, that's his name.
Dog's name is Scotty. Cute thing, ain't he?
His ma and pa's at work.
Kid came home from school and climbed up on top the refrigerator to get the cookie jar.
He's definately gonna get a lickin'.
He's in big trouble. He's gonna eat all them cookies, and give the dog some,too.
I don't think he's got and brothers or sisters. He's an only child. Just him and that dog of his.
The dog's his best friend. That's what they say, you know.
I had a dog, says Rufus. Big ole hound dog. Used to go hunting with me. Sure did love that thing.
Boys mom comes in.
Boy, she mad!
Johnny tries to get up and spills the milk.
Now she's really mad!