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He's Got His Horse

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He’s got long legs. Oh boy!
He sure is jumping.
He is into the music.
His name is Jumping Joe or Jumping Jack.
He is in Texas. He is on his guitar, or maybe a violin.
He’s no Gene Autry, that’s for sure, but he sounds good to me.
The horse is patiently standing, waiting to go.
The horse is just there, he’s part of the picture.
You don’t have to give him anything.
The performer has his own transportation to where ever he is going.
Jumping Jack rode this horse here.
He is jumping over the hill and playing besides.
He’s going to feed the horse and give him some water.
Jumping Jack has a family.
He has a wife and two children. A boy and a girl.
The boy’s name is Roger or Billy.
The little girl is Phyllis or Betty.
The family is at home in Chicago.
His wife and kids are proud of him. They know he is having a good time.
He’s just like the guy at the filling station in Hartford, CT who was soooo friendly. I
He was a hillbilly!
His wife is so lazy. She don’t want to do nothing but eat and sleep, sleep and eat.
She is eating him out of house and home. Always want something, never get enough.
Jumping Jack plays gospel, rock n roll, and soul music.
Right now he is playing God Bless America on a TV Show in Texas.
In my imagination, he’s doing what he does best, and that’s performing.
He’s got his guitar to keep his mind concentrated or to help other people.
And he’s getting away from the house so he won’t be bothered by his wife. He got his guitar and his horse and he GONE.
Now he’s singing a soul song – “Baby please don’t go, ‘cause I love you so.”
He plays a special song for his family called “Over the hill.”
Next, he’s going to hitchhike.
Or maybe he’ll get on his horse and ride.
There are two possible endings:
1) He’s on Teutonia Avenue, hitchhiking and heading home.
or 2) we think he might be getting on his horse and…he’s gone.