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Oh dear. They're screwy. They are sisters, these girls. Their names are Gertrude and Maude. I love their hats. It must be very cold because their ears are covered. They are really rugged up. They are British girls because their faces are fair. They have two different personalities. They're grumpy, the thin one is. Her name is Maude. The other one is placid. They don't have boyfriends, not yet. They are not allowed too until they are courted.
They don't do anything for a living. They just take piano lessons and do needlepoint. They are refined young ladies.
They are dead now. I'm 92 and I don't remember fashions like that.
They have a strict father and a subservient mother, She tells them, "do as your father tells you girls"
One is cheeky and the other not so cheeky. She's got a spark in her eyes.
Clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop, the sound of horses and carriages.
They are looking astounded at what they see. You can hear the distant sound of a piano.
One has got a startled look on her face and other one astounded. They are looking into a camera wondering how it is going to turn out.
She's interested in a man, the photographer. They run away from home with a traveling salesman. All society disapproves. It's dire.

This story was created by Betty, Gwen and Flora in the Rehabilitation Ward at Calvary Hospital.
21 January 2012