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Lucky for Jill

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She is Jumping Jill. She's a show-off!
She's at the Atlantic Ocean.
She's from San Fransisco. Is she from Denver?
She's from the Old Country.
She's catching something. It look like she's catching a Frisbee. She's doing so good!
There is a group of people gathering around cheering for her. You can't hear the waves.
It's exhilerating.
She is there with her daughter, Sherry.
Sherry is throwing the Frisbee.
Jumping Jill says "One more bang and it's over!".
She catches it and bows to the crowd and says "Thank you, thank you".
Sherry runs up to her and gives her a big hug and says "Good job!".
Jumping Jill is very warm and says to Sherry, "Let's go get some ice-cream!"