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Very Hot Weather

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They are dancing and it is stupidity. They are fencing and they are silly. Why would you have your back so no one can see what they are doing? It is not very nice. There seems to be a fire brewing and they seem to be putting it out. It is taking place at Steve's house. One has her back to us and the other has her front to us and it is happening currently. The one with her back to us, her name is Sheila and the other one is Mary. They know one another, they are friends. You would hear the sounds of the two things in their hands and someone playing piano in the background. They would be playing something to dance to. Let us cheer them up the people whose property may go up in the fire. One looking one way the other looking the other way. It looks out in the bush. There is enough about animals joining it. They would pack up and go home. They would live anywhere in New South Wales. They might be forward people. They would say anything. One has a heart on her vest sort of calling. Thinking would someone be there for me. They might have malice and someone would be entrusted on what I have on my chest. They are having a sword fight, Mary would win. Sheila wins, she wants to go home to do her work.

This story was created by Roma, Valerie, Monica, Joseph, Michael and Brenda at Carinya Dementia Unit on 11 April 2013