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Superdog Floppy

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We see a little puppy dog with a cape that might be a towel. It looks like the cape is taped against the wall. We decide the dog’s name is a male and his name is Floppy. He is a very handsome dog. Floppy is sitting there in his cape, drawing his master’s attention. Freda thinks that Floppy looks angry, but the rest of the group doesn’t agree, they think Floppy looks nice. He’s looking around, curious to see what’s going on.
Floppy belongs to one of the people that came here before, but his owner has since gone home. He’s a thoughtful dog, thinking things like “What can I do now?” and wondering what meal is coming up next. He also wants his cape off, that is why he is angry.
After the picture was taken, Floppy releases himself from the cape and runs away. He runs for a while until he gets hungry. He decides to go home to eat. When he gets home, he has a meal and jumps on his master to show how happy he is to see him. His master feels guilty and agrees never to put the cape on him again.
We wonder if this is the end of our story. Edith says “It sounds like it.”
The End