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This is Sandy, also known as BIRD LADY. Bird Lady has the power to communicate with birds, she also protects them from harm. Bird Lady is governess of the super kids who live in a tree house on a Hawaiian island. Sandy (Bird Lady takes care of all of the super kids on the island; Green Lantern, Dragon Girl Lightning Girl and two Bat sisters.)
Bird Lady wears many flowers and feathers to give her the power to fly all over the world finding new super kids. The new super children are trained by Mr. 'G' a very wise man with all the super powers there are. He assigns powers and trains the children Bird Lady brings to the tree house. Some of the powers Mr. 'G' assigns are invisibility, the power to send happiness through star power, the ability to create puppies and kittens to spread joy through the world. Green Lantern can also pull green ducks out of nowhere. One of the Bat Girl sisters creates yellow ducks. Together the super kids give Mr. 'G' HIS power to give THEM power so they are all working together to make the world a better place! Whenever the super gang is ready to fly away to help the world they all gather, take hands and call out "PELLAMAGEE!" to harness their super powers.