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The whole town is waiting for the big July 4th Celebration to begin. Since it is summer there are a lot of bare feet. This group is waiting for their turn to go into the stadium and view the fireworks later, they want good seats inside. Little Betsy, who is just learning to talk has noticed the unusual feet of Gladys. Others may have noticed Gladys's feet but are too polite to mention them; Betsy sits on her mother's knee trying out her new found vocabulary and pointing to Gladys's feet. Others are now getting uncomfortable and just want to leave.
Just then Peter, the owner of the Candy Store comes in with FREE CHOCOLATE BOMBS! Yum, now these treats are better than Gladys's feet and folks can use them as an excuse to leave the uncomfortable situation. When everyone has left Gladys, sitting all alone, Peter gives Gladys her own Chocolate Bomb with a smile and "Have a Happy Fourth!"