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Moving Memories

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It’s a family. They all look tired. It’s the end of a long day. They’ve been working.
They are wondering what their brother is doing. My brother got into a chicken coop. He locked the neighbor in the coop and honked the horn. He got in trouble with my mom. My brother was not to go back to that neighbor’s. But he did. Another day they were having watermelon. They asked him in and forgave him and gave him watermelon. But he still was to stay away.
The grandfather and the grandmother don’t seem to be paying much attention to the kids. They are drinking wine from coffee cups. They are ready for a toast.
Oh. These guys are movers! They’ve just moved the furniture in and they are exhausted. They look young. Perhaps they have a family business and they have just moved their grandparents.
Moving isn’t very much fun. It’s hard work. And where are you going to put things? It’s hard to leave your friends, especially when you are young.
When you move it’s involved with a life change, like a job. In Honey’s family her Dad made the decision and everyone got behind the decision. It was an opportunity for a better life. We missed the life we left, but looked forward to the new life.
Moving can be unsettling. Especially for little ones. Changing schools can be difficult. You have to hope that there will be a friendly group. Schools are important for children. It’s where you make friends and make your place.
For a long time we moved in a circle of relatives. Moving where there is family is a better situation. The farmers came to town every week and went to the stores and had a party.
When Ruth was small she lived on a farm. Later her family moved into the town and they walked to school. The kids would call them hillbillies. There were 6 of us and we stuck together. We could be mean. We would chase the city kids. We were from the country, not the town.
My husband worked for the government and was always getting transferred. We moved a lot. I really didn’t mind it. It’s a time to clean out. I’d go ahead and get things all ready.
The first time we moved we had two children. We decided to move ourselves with a u-haul. The next time we had movers!
I have lived in Bloomington all my life. But for a while we moved every year. I got better at it but it was hard. Always living from boxes.
I heard a story about a family moving. The children got bored and took the labels off all the cans. The family didn’t know what they were going to eat for a long time.