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We See a Sea Story- The World is Ours

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Jeanne, Hans, Ruth, Bea, Corky

Their names are Jack and Jackie, Frick and Frack. They are a boy and a girl- maybe brother and sister. No- they are husband and wife. They live freely together like people do, but live together better than people do.

They are going to the zoo and then going to take a swim. Absolutely! That’s what they do.

After their swim, Jack and Jackie are very happy. They feel hungry and are going to get something to eat. But, Jack is worried that Jackie’s feet are too cold. Maybe they will have to buy her a pair of shoes first. They decide they’re not hungry anymore.

They may want to wear bathing suits or maybe they want to be “natural” and be naked. But, if they go natural they will go to jail! They find clothes that would be suited for them. We can see how Jackie would be wearing a skirt, but how would Jack wear pants?! Jack would wear a shirt and a tie and a tuxedo.

They are going to go buy her shoes at a shoe store, a sea shore shop. What size shoe would Jackie wear? They don’t look like Hans’ size! But the sea shore shop is closed and Jack doesn’t have a billfold!

Jack and Jackie wait for the store to open so they can buy shoes. They will have to buy flat shoes so the shoes will fit their feet. They’ll have to be big too. Jack hopes they find a pair of shoes that fit each of them. The salesman will stand there and scratch his head and say, “Well, this is new.” He’ll wonder if they have money. He also didn’t know that Jack and Jackie could talk. But, Jack says, “I’ll bring the money back” (he’s very honest). They have friends across the water where they will borrow the money from.

Jack and Jackie buy the shoes and leave the store. After that they stop and have lunch at the Seafood Shack. They’ll eat crab, lots of fish, shrimp, and goldfish. Then they’ll have applesauce and minced clams for dessert!

After lunch, Jack and Jackie decide to go to the movie house. Jack and Jackie feel bad because they don’t have a ticket, but they seem content and the owner lets them stay. They watch a movie called Deep in the Ocean, which is a movie about a submarine. They also watch a film about a ballgame. Is it air conditioned? Are they warm enough? If not, they will need sweaters or something. Jack and Jackie snack on potato chips, candy, and popcorn shrimp!

After the movies Jack and Jackie go back home. They take a nap because they’re tired. They talk about the wonderful day they had and they look for kosher food (but they might not need kosher food). They hope for another lovely day tomorrow, kiss each other goodnight, and begin to snore!