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"Can I Hear You?"

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This is Alyssa and she's secretly trying to talk to a rooster. She is holding a megaphone to her ear, to see if she can hear the Rooster. Alyssa is 18 years old going on 35. She lives in the barn with the roosters in the County of Charlottesville. She is asking the Rooster where all the eggs are. The eggs were eaten by Alyssa and her family. Alyssa was not hungry anymore. Alyssa then asked the magical rooster if it could produce more eggs. The magical rooster found a female, and assisted the female in laying eggs. Alyssa waited for a while for the eggs. After she got the eggs, she ate them! They were good because they were not fried. Alyssa said Yum and then went to sleep in the barn.