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Party Poopers

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Some teens threw a big party. The grandparents are waiting for the kids to wake up so they can yell at them. The grandparents are the parents. They are raising the teens because their parents died in a car crash. The children are named Darynth, Cardy and Henry. The grandparents are George and Rosie. There were more people at the party, but they left when the grandparents came home because they didn't want to get in trouble. They were afraid that the police were going to come. The grandparents are just waiting for the kids to wake up so they can ground them. They weren't supposed to have a party when the grown-ups weren't home. You can hear snoring and the clicking of cups as the grandparents drink their tea. There is an indescribable odor coming from the floor and you can smell the fresh cups of tea. This is at the grandparent's house in Sacramento, California in the year 2012.