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L. Ward

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The story takes place around here at a lake in Virginia. His name is L.Ward. L.Ward is part of the medical staff going to see someone to help. He driving around on a boat because the highway is to crowded. He not alone, the people are behind him. we are not sure if he got lost or not. He feeling adventurous and flustered from the heat. After getting to the place, L.Ward has meetings to attend. L. Wards wants to eat a hot dog with mustard when he gets to shore. He loves Mustard! L.Ward been on the boat from 1 day to 4 days, hard to tell. He seems tired. He did this in the summer before with the staff and a therapist. A lot of them has to take care of the lady. At the end of the Kayak he wants to drive back on the highways with snacks. Back home is at the station at the end of Virginia. The story hasn't ended