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The Boxer

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They're trying to do some boxing in the summer time. In the South Lake in New York or Richmond area. The boys are in their 20's, during the New York Times. One boy is name little Timmy and the other boy is name Samson. They are both at the beach with their families. However, the parents are somewhere having a ball and having fun. Neither one wins at fighting. Only because it is time for them to go back to the castle to attend a meeting. They have to do a lot of work in the castle cause it pays a lot. They are feeling very happy cause they are fighting and know what they are doing and having fun. They learned at home how to box before going outside. their family taught them well. The boys know each other because they are both training to become doctors. They finished the training and go out with family to celebrate. They celebrate by eating lunch. This all take place during 2018 during lunchtime. They have to go back to fighting if they do not finish fighting. They all end the story with together at dinnertime. The dinner being served is Roast Chicken and Pumpkin Pie.