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Outing with dad

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It takes place on a Monday or a Tuesday. In the front of Washington fort. IT could be the weekend but who knows. The lady is Ila. Ila could be a maid or could be a student. Look how she dressed. A fancy white dress in the picture. Maybe they don't work. Or she doesn't work. Wearing a dress for a boyfriend. Ila boyfriend is the background talking. His name is David maybe. He doesn't look like a David. It could be any name. Not entirely sure if that she has a bf. It could be though, not sure. Ila is dancing with Tony, who is stepping on her toes. Tony name could be david or john. Why would she be happy with Tony stepping on toes? Why is she keeping up with him. The kids in the back can range from 6 year old to teenagers. Some might say not older than 5 or 6. They could be in front of a restaurant. Someone is serving a tray. Waitress is in the audience. There an exit sign. There a smell of hotdogs and French fries. It's not good but teenagers love it. That's what they do. The dancers already ate that's why they are dancing and picking out music. Four guys are playing music. The guy in the background could be there father but not close to see what is happening. They plan on taking music home. Doesn't dress like a father would. A father would dress something else. IT's warm and dark out. Ila could be 16 or 545 years old. Doubt the age. Tony can be 37 or 25 year old. Ila has a young boyfriend. IT is not a holiday, it is an ordinary day. Everyone does not know everyone. Three boys and one girl knows each other. Others are strangers. The dancers could be special. Pops aren't allowed cause it's not enough