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Arival on plane!

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The last name is Mackien and the first name is Sandy for one of the girls, she trying to get a donut. The other girl name is Brenda Ingrid Grace. They are sisters. They're making cards in the tree. They year is 88...1988. There a road behind us that they went and ended up. Sandy is the older sister. They forgot to do something. We don't know where it is. We have to call and see. However the season is autumn. I think it is autumn. one is trying t be a in- law. It happens in a park in Virginia. Cousin is coming but might be at work. There someone else in the picture but were not sure but it could be their boyfriend of 6 months. They are married but it's shhhhhh. They are in a tree because it's free... no charge. They are wearing $2000 worth of clothing but its actually $15 worth. There music playing from a phone. The song is autumn leaves. one wants apple cider but it's not in the tree might be on the branch. The cousin is yelling. we do not know why she is yelling. Ingrid has something in her hands. we aren't sure what it is but it might be a branch. WHo holds a branch? It is daytime. After brunch. They get f the tree and go to a wedding party. The wedding party is in the part of Virginia. They have a good time at the wedding and where they were married.