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Old Town Resturants

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Takes place outside a record store, or it could be indoors. There a boy and a girl. The girl name is either Jennifer or Jennifer cause it is a cute name. The boy name is Gerry with a G. They look like a Jennifer and Jerry with a J. They are dancing. The kids are name John and Joan. It's a boy and a girl. Not two boys because of how they are dressed. The kids are watching the dancers. It could be the father or fathers. There a person in the back name Robin, could be a boy or a girl. Some people are shopping for music. Some are dancing to the music. We don't know the guy with the mustache we don't know what to call him. He could be called Henry with the mustache. In the back, they are planning out a party with the music in the background. The lady Jennifer could work there but we are not sure. The four men are in the background with a foot on the chair. They know each other because they eat at the restaurant all the time. Gerry with a G can either be her boyfriend or her son. The kids are thinking about what music should be played at the party. They are all smiling and they make the right choices. Everyone is happy. Jennifer could be the mother of the kids. their is dancing music and could hear dancing shoes. They are not talking crazy but laughing. We think there a good music system. We think there a person selected for the party. This happens in Virginia. In a town or a city. The town is New Haven. Might be New Haven Connecticut. The year is 1990. Or it might be 1985. Not sure but the clothes is a clue. It turn out it could be a restaurant because there a glass door. They all find the right music and are discussing it and take it home. The father takes the kids home. The band in the back is employees.