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Tabitha and her exerpeience

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Her name is Tabitha and she close to 18 years old. She is alone and sitting on a moving chair. Cars are moving pass her. It sounds like "Vroom Vroom" and smells like cookies and pasta. It's dark out and that means it's past her curfew. Her curfew was at 6pm and it is 7:30pm. Tabitha is keep looking around to see if her family is coming for her. She is worried that she going to get in trouble. Tabitha is shaking because she doesn't want to be in trouble with her family. Her family is taking forever... Her family is driving the old car. It is a old Chevy in dark blue. Meanwhile, her family can not go any faster to get to Tabitha or she will get in trouble with the law force.

Tabitha went to a bar and to a restaurant with her date. Her date left Tabitha behind. Her family will come to get Tabitha. Her date did not have any manners during the date. The waiter thought "who would leave her behind?". Tabitha is feeling sad about being left behind. However, not sad enough to cry about it. Tabitha thought this boy was going to be different that is why she agreed to the date in the city. Never again will she go out with him. She learned her lesson. "Live and Learn."

Tomorrow she will be going back to school. She doesn't want to see him but she going to have to see him. It is clear that they are not friends and will not be friends. She will find another date who is better than the last, She will be be happy.