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Francessa and the rabbit

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The story is about a little girl who holding a baby animal. The animal is a very rare rabbit. She holding the very rare rabbit close to her chest. The rabbit is soft like a teddy bear but it's not afraid to bite. The rabbit is from an unknown place. Francesca is in her early teens and this is her first pet. Francesca and the rare rabbit are attempting to ride a bike. The wheels are squeaking every turn but the bike comes to a halt on the gravel path when Francesca dads appear.
Francesca is feeling lucky to have a rare rabbit but is feeling uneasy because she doesn't know if her dad going to let her keep it. Francesca doesn't know what she going to do with the huge rabbit. Her dad goes " that is a huge rabbit and if you want it you have to do the best you can to keep up with it." Her mom does not know about the rabbit. However, if she did she would say " Go get help because that is a huge rabbit for a tiny girl." Francesca is thinking that if she had a brother or a sister, it would be a lot easier to get help. Her dad will help her the best he can. Francesca is happy to keep the rabbit.
The rabbit is a year old and it still hasn't gotten to it is full size. It will still continue to grow and grow. The rabbit sleeps in a bed that Francesca made. When the rabbit gets on the bed you can hear the bed creek and squeak. Francesca does not care about that though because she loves him. Francesca talks to the rabbit and say " I love you", "you're so fat and cute", "You are the best", etc. At night, Francesca will sing him a lullaby. The lullaby is to the tune of the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. "Twinkle Twinkle Rabbit, Go to sleep now.."

Francesca only had the rare bunny for a day, but she knows how lucky she is to have him.