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Wendy The Birthday Gal

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This story is about a girl name Wendy. She about to be 16 years old in 3 hours on this day. She was born at 6 o'clock. She was born in a small city in New York but currently lives in New Jersey. The year is 1965. She at a lake in New Jersey with her family. She the only child in her family. At the moment, she wanted alone time so her family gave her some space.
Wendy is a student in high school. She came to the lake so she can go swimming. She knows how to swim. She on a swim team at her school. Wendy loves the water, and loves to swim far and fast.
It's to late for her to go swimming. Her family is telling her it is time to blow out her birthday candles. Wendy's cake is coconut and chocolate flavor. The family sings Happy Birthday to Wendy and tells her to make a wish.
They have to go back home because her friends and boyfriend is coming to spend the rest of her birthday with her. Wendy wished that she could stay and go seim