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My Summer Vacation

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By the storytellers of Havenwood Heritage Heights

She's a cowgirl - she has rope.
Once you get the cow caught, you put rope on it so they stay put.
Evelyn - she's maybe 20s to 40. She's from the east.
She's lookin' at the animals that are walkin' around.
Couple of wolves.
She could be in a park. She's in Wyoming, she's visiting for the summer.
She's posing - for the cows! Tellin' 'em, "Here I am, here I am! Get over here!"
Somebody's taking the picture - her boyfriend, John.
She's dressed up for the picture - I don't know if she ordinarily wears that stuff.
John is a mechanic - he wants to get away from it all, too. They met at a rodeo and they both love the big outdoors.
Evelyn's gonna get on the horse and he brought her out there before he goes to work.
Over her shoulder, she has a bandana that goes over the horse, she has a lasso, chaps.
Maybe there's a parade goin'.
She's gonna send the picture home to show her friends.
Maybe she's a typist - maybe she has a barn.
Maybe she met somebody in the parade and they invited her to Wyoming.
Evelyn came out to get away, particularly if she's a city girl.
Evelyn loves horseback riding, her barn, animals, wide open spaces.
She's pretty proud of herself.
She'd love to marry a rich man (who doesn't?) and get away from it all.
First, she had to get the horse ready and then get dressed up.
She had lunch first - hamburgers and a Coke.
I think she's hot and she would like to take the chaps off before she got on the horse.
She doesn't look like the type of person who would really use the rope.
Evelyn wants to show off - she's posing for a picture and she doesn't usually carry all this paraphernalia.
She's taking the photo just to show that she's having a good time away from it all in the wide open spaces and fresh air.
We hear the birds, the cows out in the fields.
The sun's out up in the sky, it's kinda bright.
We smell flowers, she might be near the cow barn and you can sure smell that.
Next, they're going to work together for the parade and they're very proud of themselves.
It's a holiday parade - a local summer town celebration.
Evelyn is going to wave, lead the parade, ride the horse.
After the parade, she will take off all those heavy chaps and just go riding for the fun of it.