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The Dancing Shoes

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By the storytellers of Havenwood Heritage Heights

A bunch of women are gonna be dancing or entertaining where their feet are and there's men in front of them playing the music.
I don't think they're the Rockettes - look at their shoes.
It's a local performance.
They're quite small feet - maybe their other leg is in the darkness, we can't tell what leg it is.
Maybe it's a shoe sale and they're showing off the shoes.
There are all different kinds of shoes and they're quite pretty - good looking shoes.
Maybe it's five women wearing different shoes on their feet.
Who would go see that?
It almost looks sort of classical - violins.
Maybe there's not a real show and they're just a gimmick to sell the shoes.
It's just a teaser for the play that's coming.
They're on a stage right above where the music's coming from.
They raise the curtain and you see funny costumes.
There's a lotta music and funny costumes - something put on by an amateur group.
The audience enjoyed the show - it's a spoof of some kind, I guess they're singin'.