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The Golden Guitar

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Portia is playing the guitar and singing! No one is listening. She is serenading herself and the birds. She is in a park in Mount Wilson. There are a lot of trees and leaves. Its autumn. She is singing "The Falling Leaves." Everybody sings, "The Autumn leaves drift past my window, the autumn leaves of red and gold." Portia lives there. Its her sanctuary. She is looking at her guitar because she is seeing bubbles coming from her guitar. She is hoping to record a long playing CD. She is worried whether her guitar will keep working . Maybe somebody comes to teach her to play the guitar.
The birds come down and join her. She throws her guitar on the ground because it wont work properly. She jumps on it. She feels sad. She goes there to play guitar and she is waiting for her boyfriend. You can see her friends reflection in the guitar. Her friend steps out of the guitar. She is a fairy godmother who fixes the guitar and everything is happy again.

This story was created by Mena, Mary, Win and Elvira in the Calvary Rehabilitation Ward on 29 July 2013