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The Methodist Churches around the Canby, Oregon area have a clever new way to raise money for their churches. Every Saturday afternoon there is a poker game to raise money for the individual churches in Canby, Mollala, Woodburn and Aurora. Players gather at the homes of different church members for a friendly game all of everyone's winnings will go to the church. It began as an idea from churchgoer, Gloria who has always enjoyed poker. Gloria would give money to each of her kids to play her favorite game with her. Her sister Hilary was one of the frequent players. Nowadays, Gloria seems to forget the rules of the game and when she sees her pile of winnings disappear, Gloria is not enjoying the game as much as usual.
One of the groups regular players, Spike, is the dealer today. Spike sees the big m on Hilary's face as Gloria has to ask if the King she just received is a good card. He also sees that Hilary has a good mo0ney pile and Gloria's pile has dwindled. To make her feel better Spike says, "The church is surely going to thank YOU for this game Gloria!"
Gloria will opt out and enjoy some of the refreshments; chips and dip along with coffee or soft drinks. Since LL the winnings go to the various churches this is just a fun way for the folks to get together AND raise money for the church. The local church will put the winnings into funds that will assist members of the congregations.
Hilary and her sister, Gloria, have always enjoyed competing and when Gloria gets confused both sisters will have a good laugh; especially since Hilary learned from her big sister HOW to play the game.