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Have yourself a Merry Christmas

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Mark Jeff is about to be 16 years old. He went to the record store earlier to buy all his gifts that he going to pass out. His birthday is 11/17. Mark is either weighing the books or holding records. Mark Jeff is feeling wonderful and extremely happy. It's fall outside. There leaves falling in the background and the sun is up shinning.
He lives in Virginia. He currently lives in an apartment complex alone but he going to school full time, so he might be getting a roommate soon. He works part time at a record store and works part time at the post office, while going to school full time. He going to school to double major in music and business. Either way he is going to school to get an education.
Mark can be seen delivering the gifts to himself. He found some other gifts on the doorstep. Some of the gifts include: records, modern CDs, and other types of music. He got so many gifts that he just can't wait for Christmas. Mark goes inside of his apartment and opens the rest of the gifts. While he opening the gifts, he wishes for a Christmas party.
Mark is planning a Christmas party. HE going to invite all his friends, his girlfriend Joanna, and co workers. At the Christmas party, it will be filled with fun and joy. There will be food, drinks, and soft drinks.
Everyone will have a wonderful time and be beyond happy that they came to the party. In the background you can hear "Have yourself a merry Christmas" playing softly. After that song "Fleiz Naviad will be played. The story will end with Mark and his girlfriend Joanna kissing under the mistletoe. Merry Christmas! The End...